Monday, October 26, 2009

Here is a GREAT PICTURE. It is great for several reasons.

1. It is cute.
2. You can see Zev's new tooth!
3. This is the first time Zev was making trouble. I was cleaning in his bathroom for like 1 minute, and when I walked back, Zev had knocked over all the books! The one he has used to be in the back, but he must have wanted it because somehow it made its way to his lap...
4. I know Zev is going to make a lot more trouble. This won't be the first time I find him making messes, and just knowing this made me smile. I might not be smiling when he gets bigger and makes bigger messes, but for now, I love it!

Here is a picture of Zev at lunch with his new friend, Sienna. Later, Zev got out, and they had a dance party, but I have no pictures of that. Trust me, it was cute...

Last, but definitely not least, a picture of Zev with his Aunt Ray Ray and Uncle Zach. He had so much fun with them. He can't wait to see them again at Thanksgiving!

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