Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

We went to a Halloween party at a friend's house. Here are all the kids before we left. Notice all the toddler parents trying to deposit their child and then get out of the picture as quickly as possible.

Only one wandered away...

Trying the first house...

Dinosaur at your door

Zev had so much fun just walking with everyone through the neighborhood. He thought following all the other kids was the best thing ever.

We had no candy bag. I was in such a big hurry to get out the door that I forgot the candy bag that Wendy (Emily's mother) got for him last year with his name on it! I don't think Ari is going to let him eat any candy, but we did get some raisins.

Dinosaur and his mom

We tried for a nice posed one on someone's porch, but Zevi does not like to sit still and/or look at the camera. Oh well.

He did like this spider on someone's front lawn. He also loved all the dogs we saw, especially the one in a costume. I didn't get a picture though.

We had so much fun, and this year was totally different than last year when he slept the whole party. I am sure it will be very different again next year when he can run, talk, AND pick his own costume...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Carving pumpkins

We had some family pumpkin carving time. Zev loves pumpkins, that is, until you cut them open. He was not really as interested as I had hoped he would be. He also thought the seeds were pretty gross, and he did not really want to touch them. I should have known since it has taken me a few months to get him to think the play-doh is more fun than the box of tools...

He did try to help some...

His favorite part of the whole activity was putting the eyes and nose back in the right spots.

Ari got a little more creative in the end, and here is our finished product.

On another note, that night my mother babysat while Ari and I went to a Halloween party. Here is Ari as Clark Kent. I think he looks awesome. I was Lois Lane, and it was really not as impressive...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Belly: 14 weeks

I have had a request (multiple times by the same crazy person, no name given) to post the new little baby's belly photo. My stomach isn't huge yet, but I am starting to show. I'll try to do this once a month, so this is my starter. Here is one crappy iphone shot:

I am excited to be moving into the second trimester, I haven't felt nauseous in about two weeks. I have been generally less dizzy, and I am HOPING I will start to sleep a little better. Overall though, things have been going pretty smooth.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Samuel Farm

On Monday Zev and I went to Samuel Farm. We had a (mostly) fun time. While we were feeding the goats, one put his hoof on top of Zev's hand. Zev did NOT appreciate this. I think it was both surprising and painful, but eventually Zev moved on because it was time for a HAY RIDE!

Here is the tractor.

a little self portrait...

A friend took a photo of us. It is hard to get Zev to look at the camera...

Zev is walking around the horse stalls. He really wanted to get the doors open more than he wanted to see the horses.

Let me touch that door!

Here he was distracted by a bird...

Looking at me!

Zev didn't make it far in this maze before he decided to just turn around and go back out the front. He doesn't yet see the point of a maze...

Here he is picking the pumpkin he gets to take home.

I think he really chose a winner.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Family Fair Time!

I love the state fair! I force poor Ari to go and spend money every year... Soon I will have convinced Zev to love the fair too. He had a lot of fun today. He ate a tiny bit of nachos and a little bit of a pickle. He loved looking at all the lights, colors, and activities...

Here we have a little flash back to last year... Look at that tiny baby!

Here is this year with mom and Big Tex....

Zev really enjoyed all the cars. He likes to push buttons.

He was interested in the kangaroos. There are lots of animals here; so many in a cage it made me sad. I hope they live somewhere nice during the non-fair weeks of the year. I did however get to pet a ZEBRA. He was so soft. I'm not going to lie, I was pretty excited about it. Even Ari had to pet it.

My mother insisted that we try to recreate that picture from last year up at the top. We got our cutest pictures here on this bench, so thanks mom.

Someone loves his dad!

Mom isn't so bad either...

I am doing a little bit of tickling to get these last two pictures, but it worked for me!

We had lots of fun, and Zev got to stay up late. I got to eat lots of unhealthy junk. I am excited to do it again next year!

Friday, October 8, 2010

a little more walking...

Ari had been missing us, so he came home form work early today. We took a family trip to the park, where Zev showed his dad some of his new walking skills!

In this one, I happened to be up at the top of the play structure still after Ari and Zev went down the slide. I got a good aerial view of the walk!

We had lots of fun at the park.

Also, in case you some how read this blog, but don't talk to me on a regular basis or check my facebook, that is a a big brother shirt on Zevi. He will be a big brother sometime around April 22nd if all goes according to plan. I will keep you updated on that through this blog too.

Visit to Tyler and BIG NEWS!!!

Zev and I took a short trip to Tyler this week. I didn't get a ton of pictures, but Madison took some others on my dad's camera. Hopefully they will send them on!

Here are Zev and Grandma playing together.

Here we have the big news! Notice this little man is NOT holding any hands!

Just WALKING along...

Zev really likes his uncles. He thinks Uncle Scott and Uncle Jacob are very fun. He likes to play with these big shoes!

Zev is watching TV with Jacob here...

Though it isn't pictured, Zev had lots of fun with GG, Grandpa, Pops, Gram, and Aunt Madi. He even had some visits from Aunt Julie, Aunt Lisa, and Colton.

Here we have a little video of Zev doing his WALKING!

As you can tell, we are very proud!

Monday, October 4, 2010


Mr. Zev has been very interested in pushing his shopping cart all over the house. We took it outside with us to get the mail on Saturday.

Going down the street

He's got some mail in his hands now.

He also puts leaves in there, and other important items.

Here are the final contents of his cart before we went in: mail, Superman doll, leaf, and of course a bottle cap. I think that is a milk lid. If you have been to our house recently you know that Zev is still very into bottles and lids...

Today we went to the park, and tomorrow we go to the fair! I am excited!

Friday, October 1, 2010


Today I got the fun idea that Zev was old enough to chalk. I have this handy dandy chalk holder, but that really wasn't something Zev was interested in holding. He wanted to hold all the chalks. He put them in and out of the box several times. Loading and unloading things is still one of his favorite things.

Zev did not love drawing as much as I had hoped. I got some good chalking done though.

I ended up with quite a bit of chalk on my pants...

Due to Zev being a crawler, he ended up quite dirty! He doesn't look happy here, but he was having a good time. I swear.

Chalky feet and tush...

Crawling off into the sunset to get his rolling chalk...

After our chalk adventure, Zev took a big bath, had some dinner, and then went off to bed.