Thursday, April 26, 2012


This week the boys have been to two play dates at the park, a play date at a friend's house, and we have had friends over here twice.  Here are a few pictures of the friends who came to our house.

This is Emma.

She came over to play with Tahli.
First they checked each other out. 
 Then, Tahl learned that Emma really likes to give kisses.

This morning Zev and Tahl had friends over to play and paint.

Here is Zev painting in his dad's shirt.

Ella came over to play with Tahl.  

We read the book Elmer, and we were painting a picture of him using sponges.

 Zev's friends had fun painting.
 Also, I am leaving for New York tomorrow!  I am so excited.

Monday, April 23, 2012

A few pictures from my phone...

We have had a fun week around here.  I need to get the camera out this week for more shots of these guys.  Here are a few from my cell phone.

Tahl makes BIG messes these days.  He thinks it is fun to pull every book off  of the shelf.  He does also like to clean up though.  He will help Zev put away legos, and Zev often tricks him when he wants something he has by having him put it in a bucket.   Zev has actually been a little nicer to Tahl lately, but he is still tricky.  

 Last week we went to the Indoor Safari Park with friends.   Tahl loves to touch other babies.  We are working on him being gentle.

Here are the boys sitting on a bench with their friends. 

After a birthday party this weekend, Zev had the party favors in the back with him.  I didn't realize that he had stamp pad!  Yikes.

The boys got their picture made on Saturday.  I am so excited to see how they turned out. I think they started out doing well and smiling, but by the end poor Tahl did not want his picture made any more... In my defense, when I started to go over to take a picture of Tahl and my mom he was smiling, but then Zev pulled out the snacks from our bag and didn't give him any.  He was just hungry...

Friday, April 13, 2012

other happenings this week

Ari bought this bike trailer at a garage sale. He and Zev went to visit Mimi and Papa. Zev loved riding in here.

We went to the Heritage Farmstead Museum in Plano on Friday. Zev had so much fun. It was an April showers theme, and Zev had a great time getting wet.

Here is Tahl wishing he was doing more than just watching.

Zev painted the fence with water.

Here he is playing a fun sponge passing game with his friend Maddie.

He is washing the laundry (or himself) with his friend Morgan.

Tahl had a delicious apple on the way home.
This kids is ALWAYS hungry.

Birthday Paparazzi!

I took birthday paparazzi pictures of Mr. Tahli B. for his big first birthday!

Here he is waking up.

He's a tired guy...

He decided to rest some more in bed with his dad.

He had some matzah for breakfast.

After his nap we went to the mall for the Chic-fil-a story time. They give the kids a free snack while they sing songs and listen to a story. Tahl really enjoyed his fruit bowl.

Something in it might have been sour though...

Then the guys played on the mall playground. Zev was a little on the crazy side, but Tahl was loving it.

Here he is busy rowing his boat.

He was climbing on the slide and making friends.

Then we came home to play and eat lunch.

Mimi and Kade came over to give presents to Tahl. Tahl LOVES his Mimi.

He liked his present from Kade and the one he opened from Emily.

Emily also sent a present for Zev for his birthday. I decided not to make him wait. He was so excited.

He loves his new car carrier.

After Mimi and Kade left, we went on a walk. Zev wore these goggles on and off all day.

Apparently celebrating Tahl's big tired really tired out Mr. Z.

We came back home to eat the cookies that Zev and I baked for Tahl as a present. I told Zev he had to kiss Tahl for a cookie. These guys were so lucky they got to eat dessert first.

Tahl LOVED his cookies. He cried after he finished the first one, so to Ari's dismay, I gave him TWO. You only turn one once after all.

He did follow these cookies up with his favorite dinner of quesadillas and beans.

Tahl was so covered with chocolate, we decided to go for a birthday bath.
I'm sure they will kill me later for this one, but I had to share the cuteness.

It was a green birthday bubble bath!

This is what Tahl would look like with straight hair. I prefer the curls.
Zev was very worried in the tub that his hair would be green from the green water. He did like the bubbles though.

Ari finally got home from work, so we opened Tahl's presents from us.

Both guys were very excited for this cutting set for our kitchen.
Tahl had a wonderful birthday. Now Zev can't wait for his birthday, but he doesn't quite believe me that mine is first. At least his party is coming up pretty soon!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tahl is ONE!

I cannot believe this amazing kid is turning one.

Tahl is so happy and sweet. He is starting to get past his mommy only stage and let more people hold him. He LOVES his family, especially his dad. He is so sweet, and he loves to snuggle. He will crawl over to me to climb into my lap for hugs. He puts his head down and hugs back! It is the best ever.

Tahl knows what he likes and he lets us know. When it comes to food, he is eating ALL DAY, and he is eating more and more things, but we are still working on veggies that aren't baby food. He loves Zev, but he will let him know that he cannot take his toys. Since he was born,
Tahl has been more opinionated and vocal than Zev was, and that is still true. Zev is VERY opinionated now, so I am hoping that doesn't mean T will be an even bossier toddler than Zev. I'm not sure I will make it.

As I am sure you can see in these pictures, he has amazing hair. His curls seem to be even tighter than Zev's. We also love his blue eyes. He has a wonderful smile that shows off his seven teeth.

Tahl loves to read. He has four words: mama, dada, na na, and hi.

He also loves to make messes like throwing all of these books on the floor.

He wanted my camera to push the buttons so bad.

Instead he found my phone so he could talk on it and say hi. He is a big drooler STILL.

We think he could walk any day now. He loves to close doors, and when I open them, he will shut it back in my face. He thinks this is hilarious. He has a great sense of humor. He still loves sneezed, surprise faces, silly songs, Ari with a towel on his head, etc.

Ari, Zev, and I are so lucky that we got this little guy. He is teaching Zev sharing and patience. He taught me a little patience too at first, but I could not love him any more.