Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tahl LOVES tummy time...

Tahl has been loving tummy time lately. You can't keep him on his back, but before we get to that, here is a picture of Zevi. He was reading to his babies, and he fell asleep right in the middle! When he got up there were even more books underneath him.

Here is Tahli doing some tummy time. He is chatting it up with his Mimi. You can see how far back he has moved from the towel, which is where he started. Yesterday I put him down by Zev's toys and about two minutes later I looked for him, and he had backed up under the bed. He isn't moving forward yet, but he wants to.

In this video he is planking. It is funny because instead of just laying down, you can hear him grunt and work at staying up in the air. Silly baby.

I'm very worried about when he starts to crawl, and the fits that will ensue from Zev when Tahl touches all his stuff. I guess he will have to learn to share some time...

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturday morning play time

Saturday morning is always a great play time for Zev and I. We don't usually have plans, and I don't need to do any chores, so we just have lots of free time. This week Zev and I fought fires....

We also played zoo vet and fixed up this elephant. I love his band-aide.

We learned about shapes with these tape shapes I made on the floor.

Zev practiced walking on a tape balance beam. We need to keep practicing....

Here he is practicing the shapes!

After our play time we had a birthday party to attend, nap time, duck feeding, and now I'm off to make dinner for this crazy kid...

Thursday, September 22, 2011

More cuteness!

We had a really cute day today. I have been trying to take more pictures, so here we have it, another cell phone dump.

Zev has been reading books to his stuffed friends, and my favorite part is that he turns it around and shows the pictures like he is a teacher.
Here he is pretending to feed Tahl yogurt.

This was cute, but poor Tahl thought he was really getting something to eat. He was a little disappointed. Zev also then stuck the spoon in a little too far, so the game had to end. Zev did actually help me feed Tahl his cereal today though.

On an even cuter note, Zev actually fell asleep in his big bed today for his nap! He has done it twice at night now, but this was the first nap. He has all his babies, and he just laid there and picked his nose until he fell asleep. (I watched on the monitor!)

When I went in later, he looked like this.

(He is wearing this weird outfit because his was drying from the water table. )

Then in the afternoon we went to see the ducks. Last spring, Zev still didn't really care that much. Now he loves to visit them and throw bread.

Another duck video with Zev quacking, throwing his bread backwards, and saying hi to his dad!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

More news!

This is Zev's new favorite place to play. He makes me take his mattress out and then he plays on the floor. He makes his babies go to sleep, and he just hangs out here.

Here he is reading to his babies.

He is reading about Dora to Dora, Swiper, and Boots.

He really wanted them in his lap.

Then we put Tahl to sleep awake! Yeah!

And Zev slept for the first time in his big bed! I don't know if he will want to do it again to night or not, but we will keep the world updated. He did great, he stayed in bed, and Ari only had to go in once to give him Boots after he dropped him.
It's a big week in our house!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A little video...

Here is a little video of Mr. Tahl. He is playing "Peanut Butter and Jelly." (As usual please ignore my annoying baby singing voice...) He has a big thing to show at the end!

I'm not sure if you can really see it or not, but Tahli is getting his first tooth! We thought it was coming for a while now, but we first spotted it for sure last night. So just a few weeks or so after Zev's first teeth (age wise), Tahl is getting his own. Zev got seven in that first round, and I am hoping Tahl follows suit!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

More School Pictures

Zev's teachers this year are REALLY great about taking pictures and posting them to Shutterfly. Here is the newest update!

Dressing up in the loft.

Movement class

Discovery time - I am sure these Lego blocks were a hit!

Listening to a book about the five senses

Making play-doh

I was told that Zev did not like this and kept saying "off!"

Blowing the shofar in "Torah with Laura"

Relaxing in the reading center

AND the best picture so far this year... Looking good in a feather boa while dressing up!

There is a cute video of Zev blowing the shofar, but I can't figure out how to get it off Shutterfly. Maybe some day...


Today Tahl tried cereal for the first time. He has been interested in our food for a little while now, and he is a very hungry guy. Also I promised my doctor I would try solids before six months this time. So, he is eating a tiny bit of brown rice cereal mixed with breast milk once a day for the next two weeks or so before we move on to fruits and veggies.

He liked it. It was almost like he already knew what to do!

Some of it came back out, of course, but he also ate a fair amount of it too.


He ended up a little messy, but I think he was sad it was gone. Next time we will do it thicker.

Hands make a good after breakfast treat.

I tried to give Tahl water yesterday in a cup. That did not go as well. He spit it out and cried. Zev told him "HAPPY!" and shoved the cup back in his mouth. We will have to keep practicing all these new bigger baby things!

Dress up

Last year for Hanukkah Buby and Buster gave Zev some dress up clothes. I bought him another outfit or two after Halloween last year when they were on sale. We finally got them out not too long ago, and Zev has been enjoying dressing up! I wanted to take pictures, but when I got out the camera, it was out of batteries, so I only have phone pictures...

Policeman Zev

Here is Mimi helping him get dressed as a "Zoo worker".

Here he is feeding the elephants.

Now he's a doctor listening to Mimi's heart beat.

Dr. Z

Maybe his favorite, is to dress up as a chef. He made me eggs for breakfast.

Chef Zev again...

While Zev was playing dress up Tahl was napping. I took this video right after he woke up. He is very happy when he wakes up!

Monday, September 12, 2011

5 Months!

Today this guy is five months old! He is sweet and silly. He is very happy, always smiling and laughing. He is still very social, and he already has a great sense of humor. He is still sleeping swaddled, he eats about 6 times a day, and I still wish he slept in a little bit longer chunks at night. He loves his family, people, bright lights, tv, and most of all his fingers.

He is getting close to sitting, but he isn't quite there yet...

I'm biased, but I think he could not be more precious.

He had even less balance than usual in the soft chair.

It is pretty much impossible to keep his fingers out of his mouth. I am not sure if he is teething, or if he is just going to be a finger lover.

If you try to use your fingers to get his out, he thinks you are just giving him an even bigger finger snack. Yum.

Then he discovered that he wanted his pretty shoes.

Our photo shoot had no chance in the chair after this.

He also slobbed up his 5 month tag. Tahl is a very prolific drooler.

So we moved to the floor. Tahl is pretty good at tummy time, he would be great if he could stop spitting up so much.


Last, but not least, a treat for Emily who asked for a picture of his chubby legs.

This is a video of Tahl talking. He is a very verbal little guy!

This month Tahl started going to sleep on his own in his room and sleeping for longer than just 45 minute chunks. Next month, rice cereal and who knows what else!