Tuesday, August 31, 2010

a little update

We haven't been up to much lately, besides just our day to day fun activities. I don't have a ton of pictures, but I have a few fun ones here.

Here is Zev playing in my closet! He still likes to sit in his jumper that is in pieces on the floor. He was stuck here because of his leg, but he was too busy dancing to notice.

Zev has been dancing all the time, if he hears even a little music or just chains in the wind, he starts to dance. He has also been really into wearing his baseball cap all of a sudden. This is Zev sitting in the back seat this morning on the way to a play date. He was looking too cute in his sideways cap for me not to try to snap a quick picture.

He wears it on walks too...

This weekend we are heading to Chicago for Uncle Oren and Aunt Lindsay's wedding! We are so excited to see everyone. All of the family including all of Zev's cousins and great grandparents on Ari's side will be there in one place. We will also finally get to meet baby Ava. I know Zev is going to love it. I will try to get a bunch of pictures.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Zev and daddy time

Today I went to a wedding shower, and here are some pictures and videos of Zev and his dad while I was gone. Ari just got the new iphone, so he took these. This one arrived to my email while I was gone with the caption "where am I going?". I'm not sure, but it looks like fun.

Zev is still not walking yet, but he is the worlds fastest crawler when he wants to be. He is also doing awesome with his walker. Here is a little video.

Now, maybe my my favorite video in a very long time. This is a video of Zevi giving daddy some big kisses. I love the mid-kiss giggle.

Zev was fifteen months on the 18th! I couldn't believe it. He is getting so big. We went to the doctor on Thursday. Zev is doing great. He was a little over 25 pounds (30th%) and 30 1/4 inches (25th%). I can't remember the exact measurements of his head, but it was in the 90th%. Our doctor isn't worried yet that he isn't walking, and he is happy with his verbal skills. We are happy with everything about him! Zev is just a funny and sweet guy. I hope you can tell that in our videos!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

painting in the nude...

I have put on here before a video of Zev painting in the tub. Here are a few pictures of just how precious he gets.

He really likes the drain. It does turn in circles after all.

Here he is about the break the "sit on your tushy" rule.

We have a busy week ahead of us including more fun with friends, the Children's Museum, and Zev's 15 month(!) appointment. When did this guy get so big?

Monday, August 16, 2010

a weekend away...

This past weekend Ari and I went to Austin and left Zev with my mom. We had so MUCH fun, and he had so MUCH fun with my mom. Before we left, I took him to the Children's Museum on Friday for some fun time together. He is really into splashing. By the time he was done at the water table, he was as wet as if he went swimming... He didn't seem to mind though.

Here is a video mom shot of Zev playing in our dining room Sunday afternoon while they were waiting for us to get home. Zev and his Mimi had lots of fun. They went out to eat and went to the mall with his cousin Kade and Papa to play. Zev is so lucky to have Mimi and we are pretty lucky too. Thanks mom!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


This morning Zev was trying to feed himself his yogurt. It was going pretty well, messy, but well.

After working the spoon for long enough, Zev gave up. He decided there would be a faster way to get the yogurt...

The reason I stop talking is that I am laughing too hard...

Zev's biggeest mess yet...

Today Zev made the biggest mess he has EVER made. It started with this bottle of vegetable oil. It used to be brand new, sealed closed, and full...
Zev has played with it a few times. Right now, Zev's biggest passion is bottles of all sizes and shapes. He loves to put the lids on and off of them over and over. I didn't worry about this one, as he has played with it many times. Today though, while cutting up some veggies, I heard "glug, glug, glug". I turned around to see a very excited little person pouring out all the oil and then splashing in the most giant puddle of yellow goo. Then he started to crawl and slip and slide.

He and I went and got in the shower, once he was un-oiled, I came back to figure out how to clean up the mess. After calling a few people for advice, Stacy told me to blot, sprinkle baking soda, sweep that up, and then mop... Here it what it looked like mid-clean...

Apparently I did not give Zev the best shower because he still smells like oil, but he seems to be having a good time none the less. This is what he was doing while I cleaned up.

I am sure I have many more such messes to come...

Next post: a breakfast mess

Monday, August 9, 2010

Just a few videos...

Here we have Zev playing with his trucks that he got for his birthday from Gary and Alison. He has really been enjoying these the last few days...

Zev's accident did not slow him down in the backyard playing fun... He still climbs all over the play structures and up the big slide. When he gets to the top of the big yellow slide, this is what he likes to do for fun.

Zev has been coloring a little each day. I know that he doesn't actually know his colors, but this video is pretty funny of him happening to color with each color as requested. Please ignore the annoying tone of my voice...

Here, Zev decides that ripping is much better than coloring.

Today Zev also went on a bike ride, played for an hour in the back yard, and went to Ikea. He had fun playing at Ikea with his friends, he got some new toys, and some new eating materials. We can't wait to test it all out.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

our activites

I haven't blogged in a little while since we got back in town, but we have been up to a lot! We have done a bunch of play dates with friends. We have been out to eat a few times with friends and MiMi. Zev has also been getting up to a lot of (fun) trouble lately!

Here he is playing with some baking soda that he found where we keep the trash. It was a MESS.

We go on a bike ride every day. We have to go VERY early before it reaches the Texas highs of 105... We are usually home before 8:30. Please ignore the pajamas...

We have been doing lots more art. Zev still doesn't understand not coloring everywhere. If he colors in his high chair, this really helps keep our house cleaner.

I think the bath crayons and finger paint don't really help my "we only color on paper rule," but oh well. Zev has lots of fun in the tub! This video is short so you can't see all of Zev's business, but trust me the mess was HUGE. It is nice and washable though. Zev and I have been talking about colors a lot, so this is a good activity for us.

Zev also discovered this week that he could open the container of the dog's treats. I think on Thursday he feed him four or five before I noticed and had to take away the container.

A few days we have had fun playing at the water table, swimming in the pool, and then playing in the side yard. Zev has been crawling up the little slide and then coming back down on his bottom, head first, etc. He can climb up the big slide on his own also. I don't have any videos because I was trying to be right there for safety. Then yesterday when Ari was home, I though I could video while he waited at the bottom of the little slide, then Zev fell over the side of the whole thing! We were not expecting it, and Zev definitely was not. Needless to say, he was not happy, but he is fine now. I think Ari was more upset than he was.

I will try to get more pictures of Zev's fun activities this week!