Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mississippi, the final post

In our final post, we have the boys in the little matching outfits from my Aunt Lisa.

Starting off with a sweet picture of little Grey looking so happy.

Here they are staring at each other. I wonder if they are already thinking this is embarrassing!

Zev wants to touch baby Grey, but he doesn't exactly know how to touch softly. We are practicing, but he does only want to be nice. He does not always succeed...

Zev liked to share with Grey because he could take things back whenever he wanted them. He doesn't usually like to share with big kids because they walk off with HIS stuff.

"STOP MAKING ME SIT HERE!" and "Yum...hands"
The boys are in very different places.

As you can see though, they like each other. Zev wants Grey to talk to his dad on the phone just like he does.

Last, I had to include this one. This is a face I see all day long. Here is Zev asking for help. Maybe he dropped something, maybe he can't get the lid off his bubble container, but in this case he wants the yellow piece he pulled off back on the mouse. If I help him quickly, he gets really excited, but if I am too slow, he will let me know. Zev got a little sassier in Mississippi, and we are working on being sweet now that we are back in Texas!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mississippi, Part 2

Here are some more Mississippi pictures...

We had a little jeans diapers photo shoot. Zev had great fun as you can see.

He was trying out all of Grey's toys.

even his stuffed animals...

Grey likes to try out some tummy time on this little dog. We thought it made a great photo spot...

... but he kept rolling off...

look at that sweet face

We went to the Jackson zoo. It is the same zoo my mother used to go to as a little girl. I think they've made some big improvements since then... Zev liked a few of the animals.

Otters were probably the most fun.

Zev went to the petting zoo. He liked the goats, but he wasn't so sure about the big pig...

One afternoon we went to play at Chic-fil-a. You will notice this is not Zev, but one of the two little girls who attached themselves to Emily and I. They followed us around and were like one inch from me or Zev at all times. I think they were needing some attention...

Here are Zev and I coming off the slide. He liked the slide and he loved being able to climb on the stairs and drive the play cars. Maybe he will walk soon so I don't have to go up too!

Baby Grey is too busy to look at the camera with me...

Maybe because he was busy staring at this face! Hilarious...

I have one last part to post tomorrow, also known as the part we will embarrass these boys with in the future. They have matching outfits!

Mississippi, Part 1

Zev and I got back from our trip to Mississippi last night. We have too many pictures for just one blog post, so I am going to have to do it in parts. I was there for six days, so here we have day one and two!

Zev loved crawling around in their big yard. He loved the swing and baby pool. Every time he would eat, he would just stare out the window and ask to go on the swings.

He also had tons of fun in the baby's swing and bouncy chair. Maybe I shouldn't have put those things always so quickly...

Here I am trashing it up in my lawn chair with my feet in the baby pool. Zev and Grey had a good time though...

This is Zev staring out the window. This is what he wanted to do when we wouldn't let him outside...

On our second day in town, we went to the science museum. They had lots of animals that Zev liked. He wants to touch everything he sees.

Zev also liked the giant fish tanks. Even more than that, he liked being allowed to crawl around and see the fish himself.

Grey liked the fish too. He is so observant, and he likes to look at everything happening around him. If you look closely, you can tell that this sweet boy is definitely going to be a red head. It is going to be precious.

In our last picture from day two, you see poor Zev being squashed by his mother in front of a tree. He was happy before this I swear, but he didn't feel like taking this picture apparently...

During tomorrow's nap I will be sure to post more...

Ava Reese Felson

Ari and I are so happy to introduce our newest niece, Ava Reese Felson. She was born in the afternoon on July 24th. We are excited for Rachel and Zach. I wish we could have been there, but we can't wait to meet her in the next few weeks. Here are a few pictures if you haven't already seen them (or had them forwarded on by me!)

sweet little face

I think she is smiling already in a lot of these pictures...

the proud dad

Buby and her newest grandchild

Rachel and Tova with Ava


This is sweet baby Ava with both of her grandmothers. What a lucky girl...

I will definitely post more pictures of this pretty girl when she gets home from the hospital and starts trying on all the new clothes I am sure Karen (Buby) is buying already. Zev has been practicing his being sweet to baby skills in Mississippi, so he is ready to meet Ava soon!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weekend in Tyler

Ari and I drove Madison back to Tyler on Saturday. On the way we got a flat tire. We had to wait 45 minutes for Triple A, and then we had to drive VERY slowly the rest of the way. Zev did not enjoy this, but he had a great time once we got there. He got to do lots of swimming and playing with his aunts, uncles, and cousins.

Here he is playing with Keaton

People like to touch that precious belly.

Zev had lots of fun with Uncle Scott.

Zev figured out how to tell Uncle Scott he wants to be upside down.

Then he picked Uncle Scott's nose...

Here he is crawling on dad, one of his favorite activities.

playing with Grams

sitting with Pops

There is not a Zev in this one, but it was too pretty of a picture of Grandma to not include it.

Today Zev spent a lot of time playing in the pool. He was having lots of fun and even going almost all the way under the water with dad. Then he had some watermelon with his lunch. He thought it was delicious... You can see it all over his body.

This guy is cute...

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Maddie visits!

My sister (Aunt Madi or Auntie San San if you want to annoy her) has been in town for a visit again. We've been doing lots of fun stuff this week too. Thursday, we took Zev to a concert at the mall. He got a drum stick that he had fun beating on the rail.

Friday, we went to Children's Museum again. Zev has even more fun every time he goes. Here he is going down the slide with Madi.

and again with me...

Here, I am blowing his mind, DUCK has a DUCK on his HEAD! Zev was astounded...

Doing some more farming. He really enjoys this. He picks the veggies, plants them, and he loves to drop them over the fence.

It was so slow, even Madison and I got to crawl through the tunnels! We had fun.

Looking at fish

Zev likes to touch the sand with his hand, but not with his entire body...

We've had so much fun with Madison (including a game tournament with me, Ari, and Madi, and some really great hula hooping by Ari.) Today we are delivering her back to Tyler. More pictures of that to come, and next week Zev and I are off to MISSISSIPPI!