Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Zev went to Houston

Zev went for a long trip to Houston. He had a great drive down. He was awake for about 45 minutes, then he slept 2 and a half hours. When he woke up we stopped at the outlet mall in Conroe. I ate at Subway, and Zev played on the table as shown below. Then we went for a walk and he ate. Then we drove one more hour to Emily's house. It was Zev's best drive ever.

Friday we just played and hung out waiting for Emily to come home from school. Zev has not been doing well at night lately. He wakes up from four to six in the morning everyday! Yikes, I am tired...

Then on Saturday we went to the Houston Zoo. We have a lot of pictures, but Zev didn't feel like smiling.

This is us watching an elephant! For those of you who don't know, I love baby elephants. I wanted to name my first son "Tufani" after the baby elephant that was born at Animal Kingdom while I worked at Disney World, but Ari did not agree.

I didn't learn the baby elephant's name, but we liked him all the same. I like African elephants better than Asian elephants, but not bad for Z's first zoo trip! Here we are with some Bongos.

Here we have a picture of two wolves. If you didn't know, Zev means "wolf" in Hebrew, so I wanted to get his picture with them, but they were far away, and he was sleepy. After this Zev took a little nap, and we kept walking around the zoo.

I know these pictures don't have Zev in them, but I got lucky with this bat shot, and I thought the world needed to see this Albino crocodile.

Move on to Sunday, I shot this picture to appreciate the cuteness that is the Jack O'latern on Zev's Halloween pjs. His Buby bought him these, and I LOVE THEM. If I am grumpy, Zev's bum in these makes me smile.

Last, but not least, here are a few pictures of Zev and Emily. I know I will be in trouble as I was requested to show pictures of Emily's baby belly, but I forgot. It is not very big yet, but in the right outfit you would believe you if she told you she was pregnant. I don't think anyone would ask her though!

Then, last night we drove home. This drive did not go as well as the first. There was a bit of crying, and he pooped out of his disposable car diaper onto his clothes. He hardly slept at all, and then he woke up and cried a little more. When we got home, he ate and went to bed. Hopefully he will sleep better this week than he did while we were at Emily's!

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