Monday, September 27, 2010


The weather was beautiful today so Zev and I went to the arboretum with friends. They already have their pumpkins out for fall. Zev was having lots of fun playing with them.

We had to discuss a few times that pumpkins are not for eating...

Finally one with a smile! It is really hard at this age to get him to both smile and look at the camera, so this will have to do.

I think I'm biased, but this guy is cute.

He was having fun crawling through these pumpkins.

We had a picnic, and then both Zev and I were covered in avocados. I will not be packing that for picnics in the future! Since he was messy, it was the perfect time to change into his Halloween costume. I know it is still September, but I think it is a little snug, so I wanted to get pictures just in case this boy grows!

He wasn't so sure about it at first.

Then he realized he could wander around and pick leaves. We know he loves leaves.

Tushy in the air!

Maybe he does like this hat after all...

Dinosaur on the move...

Dinosaur and his mom!

The dino on a pumpkin!

We had so much fun in the cool weather. I hope it sticks around for a little while.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Zoo trip

On Sunday it was in the low 70s in the morning here in Dallas. It has been a while since it was so cool. Ari and I decided to take Zev for a trip to the zoo. He is really starting to actually notice some of the bigger animals and watch them.

Part of Zev's loving to hold things is leaves. Whenever we go on walks, he will point to leaves and I will pick them. He keeps them for his walk. He was excited about this big leaf. He held on to it for at least half an hour.

We got something on the camera lens (don't worry, we cleaned it later), but I thought this picture was too sweet not to share. Here are Zev and his dad looking at the giraffes.

People can go up and feed them. I'm sure we will do this when Zev is older, but we haven't tried it yet.

Here is Zev having a snack. I show this because it comes up again later...

He liked this monkey statue...

...So much, he was feeding him his snack. He has at least gotten good at pretending to share.

In the children's zoo, we went in to pet the goats.

Here he is grabbing a tail.

This goat went on to try to eat Zev's hair, but we missed the shot.

Walking to see the ducks with mom.

Zev really liked this pieces of wood. He played here for a while.

I think he liked stacking them because they don't fall over. Zev REALLY hates when he tries to stack things and they fall. I think we are going to the arboretum in the morning, so we may have even more pictures to share soon!

My Great Grandmother's 96th Birthday

On Saturday Zev and I got up and drove with my father and my cousin, Colton, to Early, Texas. We went to celebrate my Great Grandmother's 96th birthday. Mamaw is living in an assisted living center, and the party was in the one of the rooms there. It was 3 and a half hours there and back.

Here is Stacy and Julie bringing Mamaw into her party.

She was really happy.

Zev practiced his walking with Grandma and Aunt Julie.

I think this is the best picture of Zev in months (and my dad isn't too bad either...)

Dad and Mamaw

Dad, Mamaw, Zev and Me... Zev really loved the flowers on Mamaw's shirt. He wanted them so much, and he also loved the wheels on her chair.

Li Li, Zev, and Keaton

Lisa, Mamaw, Julie, and Keaton

Madi, Mamaw, and Colton

I think this is hilarious. It looks like my brother and Mamaw are just gazing at each other.

This is us trying to get Zev to get to make friends with Angie.

Angie is Zev's (some number of) cousin. This is her with Mamaw and her dad. She is so sweet.

At 13 months, she was trying to give Zev some walking tips...

Here is everyone together.

It was so much fun to spend the day with our whole family, and Zev did really well on the long drives. He is a trooper.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Gym Dandies

Zev has been going to "Gym Dandies" class on Fridays (and sometimes Mondays) at the Richardson Rec Center. He really enjoys playing with their toys for the first twenty minutes of free time. It is good practice for him with his sharing, and he has been doing better each class about not hitting or shoving others.

I didn't get any pictures, but after free time, we have circle time. That is a little more of a challenge to sit still for. Zev usually does better if he has an object to hold on to while he sits. Then we play with instruments, which you have to share and pass to the right. This can cause a big challenge, but it is good practice, I hope. After that we do the parachute which Zev really enjoys. We haven't decided if we will keep doing class again after next week as I only paid through September. I do know, know we will be having fun this Friday!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Buby and Buster and Cousin Kade

Zev's Buby and Buster came in town for the week. They had so much fun together. I am TERRIBLE about remembering the camera. I did get a few pictures though down below.

On Saturday after Yom Kippur services, we had friends over for dinner including my mom, Jay, and Zev's cousin Kade. He had lots of fun playing with Zev's toys after he went to bed. Kade loves footballs and trucks. He is a boy's boy.

He also loves his Papa.

Including, messing up his hair... Maybe next time Zev and Kade will get to play a little more before bed!

Zev definitely did lots of playing with his grandparents. He went with them to the mall, shopping, and on a trip with Buster to the park. Zev was really getting to know them, and they could not have had more fun together. He thinks Buster is hilarious, and Buby is very good at tickling his "piggies".

Hopefully at Thanksgiving, Zev will start remembering his family. We know he loves spending time with everyone.