Monday, October 31, 2011

Emily, Matt, and Grey visit...

When Emily was in town she took lots of pictures! I stole them so I can repost them on my blog.

Here is her arboretum picture.

Here are Grey and Tahl spending time together.

Matt and Tahl. They were fast friends.

Grey and Zev had fun playing in the kitchen.

Who doesn't want a good fuzzy ball?

More Tahl and Matt. I'm sure Matt got very drooled on for his troubles.

Zev and Grey shared a yummy lunch.

They also shared a big hug before Grey left.
Zev got very upset when he didn't get a "real" hug from Matt. Then he wanted two hugs.

Emily got a big hug from Zevi too, and I got one from Grey.

We had tons of fun playing together, and we can't wait to see Matt, Emily, and Grey again!

Happy Halloween!

This weekend we finally carved our pumpkin! Zev did NOT want to stick his hand in the pumpkin. He thought it was gross. I found a stencil to make a "Dora the Explorer" pumpkin, so we decided to try it.

Zev is getting a little better with those picture taking skills!

Not perfect though.
Zev was not happy that he didn't get to use the knife. We turned on "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown," but he got very upset that our TV didn't record the ending.

Here is the finished pumpkin. We have it out in the front yard with Zev and Tahl's other pumpkins. We painted the Z and T pumpkins from the good idea Aunt Ray Ray sent us.

Here is Zev checking them out.

Today we went trick or treating. Zev had SO much fun. Here is my little dog with his vet.

Here is Tahl with the vet. He thinks his toy bone is delicious!

Two dogs and vet.

Family shot!

In case you hadn't noticed, Tahl is cute.

Here are our two puppies hanging out with their friends, two bumble bees, a parrot, a pirate, and Olivia the pig!

Trick or treating in action. Zev did a great job saying trick or treat at every door and thank you before he left the house.

Walking with dad.
While we were trick or treating, Zev turned to me and said, "I happy!" He did get really tired by the end, and he wanted me to carry him, but he loved it.

He got REALLY tired.

Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Trick or treating at the Arboretum

Today we went trick or treating at the arboretum with Mimi, Emily, Wendy, Wayne, and Grey. We had a lot of fun and we even got a few good pictures.

I'm starting with this because it is the best picture I've gotten in MONTHS.

This is really when we got there. Here is a serious doggy Tahl.

We got one picture of both boys looking at the camera.

Then Tahl got grumpy, and Zev got silly.

Baby Grey was shark!

This was the best picture I got of all 5 of us. Tahl was ready to eat. This is the best picture I got, but Emily took a few more.

This goes with Zev's picture from the top. He was climbing and really excited about it.

Zev was pretty sure that every fence there needed to be torn down. Here he is working on this one.

Zev didn't knock those pumpkins down, but only because some other two year old probably already had...


This is the best picture I got of the three of us. Of course, no one is looking.

Tahl is too busy being interested in Zev.


I didn't get any cute ones of Mimi with both boys, but here she is with Tahl.

This started off fine.

But it ended with Tahl feeling sad again. I think Zev might have been choking him.
I'm sure you can tell, but Zev busted his lip really badly in the morning before we went to the arboretum. Right after this picture, he stood up, and he busted it again on the other side.

The arboretum was REALLY tiring...
We have lots more Halloween plans including carving our pumpkin, a Halloween birthday party, and actually going trick or treating. Be on the look out for more pictures!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Zev goes to Tyler

On Sunday Zev went to Tyler to stay with Pops, Gram, Uncle Scott, Uncle Jake, and Aunt Madi. He had SO much fun. He didn't miss us at all! Every time I called him, he would say "hi" and when I asked him what he was doing, he would tell me, "at Pops's house!" Then he would run away. By the end, he thought I was kind of crazy for not knowing where he was.

Here he is hugging Uncle Scott.

Hiding from the camera

Gram got some new toys Zev was loving.

Pops and Gram took Zev to the zoo. I heard that his favorite part was the wagon they rented.

Zev loves goats. I swear everywhere we go, he ends up with goats!

Aunt Lisa and Carter went to the zoo with everyone too.

Zev ended up with a souvenir. He loves animals, and these guys are already spread around the play room.

Here are Zev and Pops watching TV, Dora I'm sure.
Thanks so much to everyone in Tyler for taking such great care of Zev. He had so much fun, and he can't wait to go back in two weeks!

While Zev was gone, Tahl and I had a little fun too. Tahl loved our trip to grocery store.

He doesn't usually get to sit in the front seat, and apparently it is so much FUN.

Here he is with his blue berry banana face. Tahl has looooved fruits.

Last, but not least, I wouldn't say Tahl is quite "crawling" yet, but he is getting where he wants to go. He pulls, lurches, falls, and moves his knees some. Whatever he is doing, it is working somehow because I'm finding him feet from where he started playing with Lego's, TV remotes, and Zev's cars. I am going to have to start being very vigilant.

The best part is how much fun he is having. He loves tummy time!