Saturday, March 31, 2012

School this month...

Here is Zev at school cooking with his teachers.

all dressed up for Purim

He and his friend Jack were both dresses as a fire man.

Since these are pictures of the last few months, here we have more pictures of Zev making matzah.

He was so proud of his matzah. He unfortunately decided not to let me taste any. He was too excited to eat it all himself.

Here he is playing blocks in his newly refurbished classroom. He was excited to move back to his old room after a few months in a smaller room while his was redone.

Traveling a little further back in time, here he is playing in the sand with his friend Elliott.

Listening to Miss Laura.

I think they were sampling different things that grow on trees.

Here he is in his discovery class.

Hiding on the playground
I love that his teachers take pictures, so I can see what he is up to and share them.

Egg Hunt

My mommy group did an egg hunt this weekend, so I decided to take the boys. They had a lot of fun. Here is Tahl finding his first egg.

He probably would have been happy to just keep this one and shake it.

It had some candy in it that made a nice noise.

I convinced him to crawl along to look for another egg.
He was happy to find another one. Zev thought maybe he should take them from him though...
I tried to get a picture of the two of them, but this was the best one I got.

Next it was time for the big kids' egg hunt. Zev knew exactly what to do.

He was on the look out.

This is when I asked him to say cheese.

We forgot a basket, and we borrowed this monster from a friend.

Zev was using it like a purse.

He couldn't wait to get to open his eggs. He then feasted on candy and cookies.

After the big event, we ate some real food, and then we went to play on the playground.

Tahl loved the swings as always. He was playing with my friend's two year old, giving him high fives and being silly.

After this busy day, Tahl worked up a big appetite for dinner! He made quite the mess...

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I was so excited to go to the zoo with Mom and Kade this week because they have just opened a new koala exhibit! Koalas were my favorite as a kid, so I was really looking forward to this.

Here are Z and K looking at a bird.

Z brought his binoculars to see everything.

He really liked the monkeys on this trip, but sadly I don't think the koalas were quite active enough for him yet.

They mostly just sleep in the trees...

This one did wake up to make some noises. We couldn't really hear him though because the glass must be thick to protect them from our noise.

Me and my guys

Here I am with all three boys, we had lots of fun looking at animals, eating, and playing on the playground.

This is actually this morning! The Disney store at our mall was giving away free ears to celebrate their 25th anniversary.

Tahl kept them on a little, but he mostly wanted to pull them off and then bang them on his head to try to put them back.
He did think they were delicious to chew on though.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Afternoon fun

Ari needed to do some work in the front yard, so the boys and I thought it would be fun to join him. We set up the water table out there and busted out the sunscreen for the first time this year.

Tahl started off having fun at the water table.

He did some quality splashing.

He then, in true Tahl fashion, decided it would be more fun to crawl around and get muddy while trying to eat leaves without getting caught.

Zev was busy filling up his cup and dumping it.

I think he did get a good dump or two in on Tahl's head.

Tahl tried to crawl through the ground cover to get over to Ari.

So I decided to take him out on Zev's old bike to get him out of trouble. He LOVED it. He looks very chubby in this picture...

This is a little more what he looks like. He is still got a fair bit of mud on him.

This video is only for the true Tahl fan. You don't get to see his face much, but you can hear his happy noises and see his pointing.

I went to the movies with a friend later that night, and Ari shot this video. Excuse Tahl's mis-matched pjs, he had a spill. He is tying so hard to get that hat on his head.

Tahl is at the most fun age for pictures and videos. He is also just so happy now. I feel so lucky with him.


We went to the arboretum yesterday because the weather was beautiful, and we also were lucky enough to get a membership this year from my Nana for the holidays.
Here are the three guys on the way to our picnic.

After we ate, we explored in the kids area with Texas history.

Who knew a covered wagon was so much fun?

Tahl didn't think this chair was that special.

He did pose with Zev though for just a second.

Zev liked exploring all the old houses.

He also pretended to sleep on all the old beds.

A quick fake smile for the camera.

This was sadly the best picture of the two boys. It was very hard to get them to sit still and look at the camera.

Tahl was too busy escaping to eat leaves.

They did cooperate for one picture with daddy.

Mine didn't turn out quite as well. There's always next year...