Monday, February 21, 2011


This morning Zev and I went to a free event at a Bounce House place. There were around 100 kids there, and it was crazy. I did not know when we signed up today that the local schools were out, so there were a LOT of big kids. Zev still managed to have fun. He went in an obstacle course that he did not complete, but I thought I would have to go in after him, and he made it out.

Here is an example of his "jumping" skills.

Here he is on a slide, he had a nice big lap to ride down on. ( I was told by another mom today that I look huge, and she can't imagine I have two more months... Thanks.)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Funday

Zev likes Sunday. Dad is home and we try to do something fun together. Some Sundays are more fun than others, and today was a good one.

This morning after a big blue berry pancake breakfast, we went to the zoo.

Zev loves to get out of his stroller now and meander around the zoo. He touches the lights, the plants, and he loves the CAR.

Zev and dad went crawling through the tunnels today. Zev loved this, and he ran right back over to go again.

Round 2

Zev is starting to like the animals, but more than that he loves all the "stuff" at the zoo. The tunnels, getting to wash your hands, the discovery house, and most of all the slide.

After the zoo, Zev napped and ate lunch. Then we went out to play in the backyard for a while.

Zev likes to play on the slide, pull his wagon, push his mower, and play in the little house. I am trying to get him to kick the ball to me, but no success yet in any general direction... After that, he played in the kitchen, went to the grocery store, ate dinner, and played outside more with dad.

I think Zev has a pretty good life.

Friday, February 18, 2011

21 months!

Today Zev is 21 months old! He is getting closer and closer to two, and I can't believe it. I've even been planning his second birthday party!
We went to the mall this morning to run some errands, and Zev and I went to the park this afternoon. After all that snow, we finally have some beautiful weather! Today it was 78.

Zev was intent that he would carry several little things around today (turtle, car, cup, keys, etc.), so I found him a bucket to carry it all. That bucket ended up at the park with us. He looks like he is on an Easter egg hunt.

He even found some treasure (trash...)

Making an order at the window

sitting on the stairs

getting in the sandbox

Here he is in the sandbox. His bucket and cup worked out very well here.

He likes the sandbox, but he still isn't too sure about getting dirty.

Zev found this toy and tried to give it to all the kids he saw.

Here are a few pictures of Zev in the swing. It is one of the few times I can get a guaranteed smile long enough to try for a picture.

We play a game that Ari thinks is super dorky, but Zev thinks it is hilarious. That means even though I know it looks dorky, I play it anyway...

Zev is having so much fun this month. He is saying more words and playing lots more games with us. We can't wait to see what the next month brings.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Zev and I were on our way play date when we got lost. Then our gas light came on, long story short, after we filled up (and went the wrong way again), we found our selves right by the Children's Museum. So, we went on a little Valentine's date. We had fun playing, and then we even shared a lunch at the cafe. This may be my only Valentine's "date".
He is a cute one though!

San Francisco

Ari, Zev, and I went to San Francisco for a long weekend this past weekend. I know the pictures seem random, but they are in order of the fun we had!

Here are Zev and Ava together in the tub on our first day. I think they really liked each other. Zev did a good job sharing with Ava and touching her nicely. Ava liked watching Zev being a silly guy.

It is hard to get them looking at the camera at the same time.

Here we are Saturday at the Farmer's Market. Zev seems grumpy, but he had a lot of fun trying samples and seeing all the dogs that people bring out.

Here we are on the pier. Zev is smiling in this one because he is sure that Buster is hilarious. They had a lot of fun together. Buster is a very crazy stroller driver.

Ari and Zevi looking out at the boats.

Buster took Zev home for a nap, while Ari and I went to Alcatraz with Rachel. Here we are later on the boat.


a cell

Ari in solitary...

Here we are on the island during a pause in the tour.

Later we went to Chinatown.

It is just about Chinese New Year, so we got to see some fun decorations and...

a nice show.
We also ate a delicious lunch. We went out to eat again that night with Rachel and Zach. Thanks to Buby and Buster for babysitting all day.

Here is Zevi with his Buster.

Zevi kissing Ava

Hugs for Aunt Ray Ray

Here is Zev playing. He loved that Buby and Buster's furniture hasn't come in yet. Empty rooms and a big exercise ball make a very happy Zev.

He also loved all the fireplaces in Buby and Buster's house. "Hot" is his favorite word right now (besides Bada bada bada bada). His other favorite word is Elmo, which he somehow convinced Buby and Buster to buy him when they went shopping. I think they had a lot of fun together.

Sweet baby Ava

Zev hugging Buby

more hugs...

Zev, Buby, and Ava snuggling...

He did really well on the plane, and we had a great time. Can't wait to see everyone again!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another snow day...

Today is another snow day in Dallas. We are stuck inside, and our plans were canceled. We were going to the doctor to hear the baby's heart beat, but instead we decided to play at home.

This morning Zev was reading me a book. It went like this "Elmo, Elmo." He turns the page and says "Elmo" and then maybe "bubble". (Elmo is in the bathtub.) It was so cute, and I went in the other room to tell Ari about it. I must have closed the door behind me, and just as Ari was asking me what book it was, we see it come sliding under the door. It was followed by another book and a matchbox car. Apparently our little hoarder has learned to shove things under the door to the room you are going into, and then your hands will be free to open the door. We were cracking up.

After Ari headed off to work, Zev decided to do a little house cleaning.

I am a wonderful mother because I thought it was so cute, that I let him keep cleaning even though it was making him sneeze... I guess I need to clean that thing out more. When he forgot about it, I did put it up high, so he won't be cleaning for a while.

Zev also did a little painting, played toys, and then he decided his baby needed go in the swing.

This is cute, but then it got cuter. He was "singing" to his baby. By that, I mean he was making the hand signs for the "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and "Twinkle Twinkle". I missed all the pictures of that though. I also missed the pictures where he decided that the swing looked fun, and threw his baby out so he could get in. We are still working on this whole baby thing. We are having fun in the process.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Zev's new room!

Zev's new room is not finished yet, we are waiting on a stool for his birthday, bed rails, and best of all new letters for his wall.

We will also be taking out the baby bed (eventually), and turning the twin bed sideways to open the room up. This is what we have for now though.

It will be a few months until that baby bed goes, so this is the current set up. Zev is doing pretty well with the switch so far. He is still a little concerned that some of the toys I moved in there are in the wrong room, but I think he will get over it. We are trying to keep the door to the other room closed to help him forget about it for a while. Just a couple more months should help him forget...


This week has been crazy icy weather in Dallas. My school and Zev's were both canceled. We also can't drive on the ice, so we have been staying home. The first day was fun, they second was still fun, and by today, we are starting to feel a little crazy. Luckily I had a friend who car is not iced in her garage come over this morning. That gave us a little break.

We have played in the kitchen, built towers, played cars, and everything we can think of. We have also been playing a lot in Zev's new room. (More on that in the next post...)

Here is Zev when he took an extra bath with finger paints and bath crayons yesterday morning.

These are all iphone pictures, so excuse he quality.

Zev has also been very interested in his baby doll this week. I think they have dolls in his class at school, and we have also been talking a lot about babies.

Here is his baby in a diaper and Zev's slippers (both his idea).

Then we put his clothes back on.

After that I had the idea to get out some of Zev's newborn pajamas.

Zev has been carrying his baby around and even putting him in the baby swing. Here they are sitting at the table together. Zev put him in his chair and then went to sit across from him.

This seems like one step closer to being ready for a little brother!