Monday, September 24, 2012

Fun times...

Here are a few pictures of Tahl painting at a friend's house on the porch.

He got so dirty, that I had to hose him off!

Zevi was in Tyler, which might have been good, I wouldn't have wanted to hose off two boys!

He moved on to another marker.  After this Tahl would not stop trying to hug and kiss my friends four month old baby. He might have made her a little bit green.

Tahl has been to the zoo twice in the past week or so.  He had lots of fun when we went without Zev. He got to share his stroller with a fun friend just his size.

Here he is at the zoo just three days later with another set of friends.

riding the sawhorse

Now it is Zev's turn.

Here is Zev painting at home in his new smock.

I bought the guys candy buckets in the dollar section at Target.  They were pretty sure they were hats.

They look good right?

Last Thursday I walked into the kitchen to discover Zev trying to wrap himself in saran wrap.  When I asked him what he was doing, he told me he was making himself a princess dress.  I told him he could just borrow my skirt.  It turned out what he really wanted was to twirl in it.

He liked it, but it didn't last too long.

While helping me fold the laundry, he decided he would rather wear my socks.

Tahl did not want to be left out, so he picked his own pair.

Zev and I went to a party at his school on Sunday.  He had lots of fun.  He got a Mickey Mouse painted on his hand, but it accidentally got washed off, so he went back for a simple Z on his face. 

He really enjoyed feeding the llamas.  He also pet a bunny, a goat, and a tiny baby pig.

Later that day, we went to Mimi's to help her move some things out of the living room to make room for Jay's hospital bed.  She is selling this piano, but not before Tahl got to play on it for a while.  He loves playing the piano.

Zev at school

Zev's teachers are really great at posting pictures this year!  I have a bunch more from the past few weeks. 

Here is Zev in music class. He is sitting next to his music teacher, Miss Cynthia.  In a few weeks Tahl is going to start a mommy and me program at the school.  Miss Cynthia will be leading us every Tuesday.

I'm amazed to see him sitting still next to his teacher. 

I guess it helps that they let him get up and shake these ribbons!

He appears to have a talent for it.

Zev's favorite part of music is the stamp you get at the end of class. This week he got a shofar, and he loved it.  He was telling me we need a shofar stamp at home, but I told him I didn't think that would be happening.

Here he is painting a whale in class. He is really enjoying stencils right now.

He's in music again on another day. 

He is listening to one of the mystery readers in the library.

coloring his spice box

Now he is painting water, he is very, very into art right now.  I think he saw how much Noah and Jaren loved drawing when we were in San Francisco, and now he is very interested.

I think after his entire picture was blue, he started introducing some white.

Here he is playing in the water table outside.

Hanging out with friends...

I am hoping he is not about to step on his teacher here...

This guy loves a good watering can.  He is still really into pouring, filling, and dumping things.

Here he is doing another art project.

He stamped yellow honey bees and red apples for Rosh Hashanah.

This is side ways, but this was in the card he made.  Zev has started writing his name!  We are so excited for him, I am loving his interest in letters and writing.  He does sometimes get frustrated when the letters don't look exactly like he hoped they would. I see a perfectionist in my future.

Here is he making a tree.

It turned out great, and we have it in our play room.
Zev seems to be having trouble controlling his impulses at school, but he tells me that he is loving it.

extra San Francisco pictures

Rachel sent me some pictures of the kids playing at Buby and Buster's two weeks ago.

Tahl was really trying to push Ava.

He couldn't reach the handle, so Jaren, of course, was picking him up.

She also tried to teach him how to use the scooter.

She was pulling him all around.

Here they are again trying to push Ava.

She really had him high up there.

Tahl LOVED playing with all the other kids.

Here T is trying to get her to pick him back up. 
They were all too funny together.  We can't wait to see everyone again at Thanksgiving!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

17 months!

Tahl is 17 months! He is getting so big, and he is acting so much older.

I know I say this every month, but his language is just exploding. 
This week he learned "Costco" and "pizza" among other new words.

He is still a very happy guy.  He is also making more two word phrases like "see cat" and "and Mickey!"  

Tahl is VERY attached to his Mickey and schmata right now.

Tahl is also very interested in reading right now.  He brings me books all the time, and if I don't drop what I am doing right then to read it, he will throw a big fit.

For such a happy guy, he is capable of throwing a big fit.

Tahl has so much fun playing.  He could not be busier. He loves other people and to have fun.

Ducks are still his favorite animals along with dogs and monkeys.

Tahl has also been getting more into cars.  He likes to drive them and to say "beep! beep!"

Here is is playing a puzzle.  He is still working on this skill, but I think he is improving.

In this last picture, he is carrying around a camera like me, and he is yelling, "CHEESE!"
We are so lucky to have this guy.  He brings us so much joy every day.  We all love, love, love him, even Zev (or Zeeee! as Tahl calls him.)