Friday, December 7, 2012

A new site...

We are out of room here at this blog.  I am moving over to a new site, but we should be able to come back and visit these old pictures any time.  Now I can finally get around to posting the last month's pictures! Please follow us at the new site. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

19 months!

 Tahl is 19 months old today.  To celebrate, I took him to the doctor to get four shots. I did let him play a little first.

He wanted to play blocks.  He told me, "build tower."

Tahl is speaking in two to four word phrases all day long.  At the doctor today, I told him, "Let's go home to eat lunch." He looked at me, and he said, "I peanut butter jelly."  Just when I was so impressed that he was giving me his lunch order, he then cried about how he needed it immediately for the next ten minutes.  Apparently being able to talk does not make you understand that there is no refrigerator in the car. 

The pediatrician was really impressed with T, and she said he was already meeting all the two year old milestones. He was 32.5 inches tall and 27 pounds. 

He has been super grumpy for the last week between his fever and the new teeth he is getting. I am hoping his flu and MMR shots don't bother him too much, so he can feel better. 

Tahl took a long nap, and then we went to pick up Zev. When we came home to play Zev was turning Tahl on the sit and spin. 

Tahl decided to play dress up. He put this outfit together himself. 

Zev insisted I take a picture of him sitting in this drawer. 

Tahl changed from viking fireman to cowboy fireman. 

Tahl is so smart and funny. He loves, loves, loves to dance. His favorite thing to say right now is "COME ON. COME ON," while he pulls you where ever he wants you to go. He is a complete parrot and copies any word he thinks sounds fun. He can count to three, and he loves to name animals. Right now his favorite animal is still a monkey, especially baboons.  Tahl is so sweet, and he loves babies and animals.  Last week at the park, he followed a man he did not know for 100 feet yelling, "Pet dog! Me! Pet dog!"The man did finally turn around and let this sweet boy pet his dog.  If he hadn't, I think Tahl would have followed him all the way home.
Even Zev loves "Tahli Ball-e" as he always calls him. We can't believe he is getting so big!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Park and school

This week the boys have been sick. Zev was sent home from school sick on Monday, and he stayed home with Mimi on Tuesday while Tahl went to school.

 Wednesday Zev was better, and we went to the zoo.  While we were at the zoo, I realized Tahl had a fever and had caught what Zev had.

Here is Zev playing dress up later that afternoon. 

    We stayed home Thursday, but everyone was well enough Friday for an outing to the park.  
Zev and Tahl had fun riding on the toys together. 

I told Tahl he was the pilot, and Zev was mad. So I told him that he was the navigator. I asked him where the plane was flying to, and he told me, "DISNEY WORLD!" 

 The boys are starting to have more fun together.

Zev was flying on the airplane with his friend Kaya too. 

He did a good job taking turns switching between the front and the back. 

Here is Zev at school. This is actually from last week. The caption the teachers wrote is that he saw broccoli while he was outside on his walk. 

Painting the broccoli some more...

Zev's class with his teacher Miss Gail

Zev painted an earth, and here he is cutting it out. 

I thought it was the best one on the wall when it was all done, but I am a little biased. 

Here he is making his own pumpkin patch. 

swimming at school

playing with his friend

The school has a fun wading pool with fountains while the kids are waiting for their turn to swim in the big pool with the instructor. 

Here is Zev last week in gym practicing rolling a ball. 

He is doing more work on his pumpkin patch by stamping leaves onto the pumpkins. 

Here he is this week in gym walking on his monster feet. 


playing tug with a friend

stretching the big rubber band with his feet

This was from the day they called me to come pick him up early.  It must have been a fever that came on really quickly... 

Last, here he is with his painted hand. It made a very cool turkey.

He was so proud of it. 
He is a little disappointed that we will miss the class Thanksgiving feast, but we will already be in Utah.

This weekend we made another trip to the zoo with Ari. The only part we really took pictures of was Tahl and this monkey statue.  He was loving it.  

getting ready for a kiss

more hugs

letting the monkey kiss him on the forehead

We had to force him to leave the statue to see the animals. 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Our week

 We had a busy week this week.  We celebrated Halloween and Ari's birthday.  The boys and I made Ari cookies, and they sang to him all day (even when he wasn't home!) Tahl has decided this week that he is too old to let me feed him his yogurt. 

He feels so proud that he can do it by himself.  Any time I try to help him he, of course, tells me to, "GO!"

At the mall this week, Zev thought it would be even more fun to hide in this box than to go and play. 

Tahl decided to try it too. 

Zev got new slippers that look like dinosaur's feet from his Mimi.  He decided today that he needed to wear his old costume from when he was one to go with them. I think it is a little small, sort of like his backward underwear. 

Tahl loved Zev's slippers and was jealous, so Mimi got him his own pair. Thanks Mimi! 

Here is the complete look. This is another one of those pictures that I am sure he will hate me for one day, but I can't stop myself from posting it. 

Here is a little video of Tahl singing "Five Little Monkeys".  He really only sings the end, "no no ah ah jumping bed."  In Tahl, "ah ah" means monkey.

Here is a little video of Zev singing "five Little Monkeys" too.  The guys were having lots of fun singing and jumping on the bed while I changed Tahl's sheets. 
 We have a busy week ahead with lots more fun. I will try to take more pictures.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

We carved pumpkins last night. Tahl and Zev emptied them out a little, and then they mostly played with the seeds moving them from one bowl to another.  We made Tahl a Mickey pumpkin.

Zev wanted a Goofy pumpkin. Big surprise...

Two guys trying to pose with their pumpkins.

Just checking it out again.

Then tonight after we posed with our pumpkins, we went to our friend Heather's in-laws' house. We had fun eating pizza with our friends and trick or treating. Here I am with my little monkey. 

He loves this costume, he walks around saying "ah ah ah, ooh, eeee."

Here is Ari with the baby monkey.

Here are Zev and Tahl with all their friends.

Both Tahl and Z (the little pumpkin) did not appreciate being left on these steps.

We have a purple witch, Goofy, the Magic School Bus, Tahl the monkey, a rat, Mrs. Frizzle, and a ballet cat.

Zev was ready to get going!

Goofy and I

Here is Goofy with his dad...

I tried for one with the two guys, but Tahl just really wanted to get away.

He really got into the trick or treating.  He was doing what all the big kids were doing. He would walk up and try to say "trick or treat," then he wanted to put the candy in his bucket.

Zev did a great job using his manners too.

All the kids had such a good time. We just went up and down one block, but I think they got plenty of candy. Ari and I have already just had a *little* bit of it.

Zev fell asleep in the car on the way home. When we got home, I took him out of the car, and he woke up just a little to say, "Can I have some more candy?" I think they had a good time.