Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Zev's first day!

Zev has moved up into the Two's classroom at school. We are VERY excited for this year! His new teachers seem very nice. One of them also used to work for ECI as a speech specialist like the one who visits Zev. She has said she will work with him at school. Last Friday, Zev and I went to meet Miss Mari and Miss Leslye, but he actually had his very first day of school while Ari and I were out of town. Here are some pictures that my dad took!

Here he is making a silly face before he left.

Now he's getting in the car.

He found some puzzles.

My dad said he cried a little when he left, but the teachers said he did great at the end when he picked him up.

Here is what Tahl did while Zev was at school.

He also loves to sit in his Bumbo chair.

I'm off to get Zev ready for his second day of school!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Thank you Pops and Gram!

While we were in Vegas, my dad and Stacy watched the boys for us. My sister, my Aunt Lisa, and my Uncle Mike came in town too to visit with the little guys. Here are a few pictures my dad sent me while we were gone! Please excuse the cell phone quality.

Hanging out watching Dora!

Here is Zev before they left for his first day of school!

What a little cutie!

We can't thank you enough Pops and Gram for watching these guys while we were gone. They had so much fun with you. Zev has been talking about you since you left!

We love you!


Ari and I went on a parent's only vacation to Vegas this past weekend. We had so much fun.
On Saturday we went to a bunch of casinos, a magic show, to Margaritaville, and to a yummy Italian dinner.

Here we are at MGM visiting the lions.

On Sunday I went to the pool, back to more casinos, to Margaritaville AGAIN, and then we went to a really yummy dinner at a French restaurant across from the Bellagio fountains.

After that we went to the Cirque du Soliel Beatles Love show.
It was REALLY good.

Ari did a bit of gambling, but this was all I did. It was just for a picture opportunity on my way out to the pool.
Ari did almost well enough to cover all of our trip besides the flights. We got to sleep and relax, and we got to eat delicious food. We did miss our little guys though!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Tahl's first swing!

Today Tahl tried out the swing for the first time! He is a very observant little boy, so he was busy staring up trying to find out where the squeaking noise was coming from.

A face of surprise...

Maybe a little smile

or two

Then back up.

Overall he liked it, but it is still REALLY hot out, so we had to go in after not too long.

Here is what Zev was up to during Tahl's first swing ride.
He did a little pushing.

He did some grilling.

And of course, some goofing off in and around the water table.

In case you didn't know, our pool has black algae. We are having to have it resurfaced and new tile put in. So far, all they have done is the new tile. It is still a big empty hole. Hopefully it will be finished by the end of the week. Maybe next week we might even be able to swim again!

This Friday Ari and I leave for Vegas! Zev and Tahl will be hanging out at our house with my dad and Stacy. We are excited, and I think they are nervous! (I'm a little nervous too...)

Friday, August 19, 2011


This is the first video I have caught of Tahl laughing. I know it sort of sounds like he is in pain or something, but that is his giggle! Please ignore my crazy voice, but he loves to be tickled and to be wiggled around!

In other big news, Zev has been using even more two word phrases! "Come on" is said to me all the time, "I ready," "I did it," and other little phrases that are more random like "Wash. Sink." or "TV. Dora." He will be going a mile a minute before we know it!

Monday, August 15, 2011

"I Got it"

Today Tahl went to his four month visit. He weighed 14 pounds, 10 ounces and was 25.5 inches tall. At this age Zev was 15 pounds, 6 ounces! I thought he looked a little chubbier in pictures, but I didn't know it was almost a whole pound! Zev went with us to the doctor and he was a great helper. He has been helping lots with Tahl, changing diapers, bringing me burp cloths and pacifiers, and most importantly just being sweet to him. I haven't seen Zev hit Tahl in a few days, but I have seen two random kisses that were not requested by me! I don't have any pictures of the day, but I do have a little video of Zev. He has started using a few more two word phrases, and his favorite is one he copied off of his dad, and says ALL THE TIME, "I got it..."

Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Little Monsters!

My aunts, Lisa and Julie, had the wonderful idea to give Tahl a onesie that matched the shirt Zev got for his first birthday. Zev also has a blanket made by the woman who sells these shirts on Etsy, and I had one made for Tahl as soon as we decided what his name would be. I love monsters for little boys, and I love these shirts. This is my favorite photo shoot in a while.

Tahl is really starting to notice Zev more and more. Zev is starting to think Tahl is not so bad either, except for the first 30 minutes to an hour after his nap.

Poor Zev busted his lip the morning I took these. He looks silly in this one, but it is one of the only ones where Tahl is smiling.

They look a little alike here. I wonder what it could be?

This is Zev "smiling"...

Zev or I must have given Tahl quite a surprise.

Here we have Zev's only true smile. (I tickled him.)

I like this one because Zev looks old, and Tahl seems is very interested in what he is doing.


He can't believe he got a kiss! I swear that was his reaction. Zev is just too cool to care though.

To get the cup in the first picture away from Zev, I convinced him that his duck was thirsty. Here he is giving him more to drink.

Again, everything Zev does is amazing.

Then he fell over. Apparently it was fun.

Here we have a close up.

Zev decided Tahl might need some water too.

Again, it's like he can't believe Zev would talk to him. I love it.

Another close up of the littlest monster.

Last, and definitely least, this one cracks me up. Even babies can take horrible pictures sometimes...

I am loving seeing these guys start to interact more and more. I can't wait for them to play together!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Tummy Time

In the afternoon, Tahl had a little tummy time.

He was busy.

He did some resting.

He looked at his mom.

He did a little head lifting (and smiling!)

Then there was a some Zev watching...

He also spent some time trying to turn over. (I know he can because I have left the room and come back to see him in a different position several times, but I've never witnessed it myself...)

Last he did quite a bit of throwing up before I felt bad for him and rolled him over.

Look at those eyes.

Zev was busy watching TV during Tahl's tummy time.

Zev has loved Elmo for a while, then came Mater, and now he is a pretty big Dora fan. I definitely prefer Elmo and Mater...

This is the castle Zev and I built this afternoon too, proof we don't just watch TV! We also did a little art. I am trying to teach Zev how to use glue without pouring half the bottle on the page. It's not going very well so far...

Tummy time is tiring...