Tuesday, February 28, 2012


While we were in San Francisco on this trip we went to Napa for a day. Karen and Gregg were amazing to watch Zev, Tahl, and Ava for us. They were even brave and took all three shoe shopping. Ari and I went with Rachel, Zach, and Oren, and we had so much fun. Oren planned a fantastic day with great wineries and delicious food.

Here we are at the first place. We brought them breakfast tacos because we were early, so they were extra generous with the wine and gave Oren a free bottle. I think it was my favorite wine.

The second winery wasn't quite as good, but the view was amazing.

We ate a picnic there, and the weather was amazing.

Here's the view without me in it.

This was the third place.

We got to go out and look at where they grow the grapes.

Right after the guy giving the tour told us about how these trees were a hundred years old, some woman started pulling on it...

This was the fourth place. It was also gorgeous. The drive up the mountain was amazing too.

We got to go in the caves and see the wine being made.

Ari and I stayed in Napa for the night in a really great hotel. We got lots of sleep and went to an awesome market. It was a successful trip had by all. Rachel has more pictures of the cousins playing together, so I will put those up when I get them.

At the park

Today I got to watch Kade with my boys from 10:30 to 5:30. It was a long day, but we had so much fun. We went to the little park down the street from my mom on a nature hunt. They boys played fire truck and rescued kittens from trees. We raced like cars, and played soccer. Tahl mostly tried to eat leaves and a dead worm.

Here is Kade blowing a dandelion. He told me he wished for snakes.

Zev wished for cookies.

Zev and Kade had lots of fun and shared really well together. Zev also gave Kade two hugs just because!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

A mean mug, a band, and some golf...

Zev has been making a new picture face that looks like this:

or this:
He seems mad, but he believes himself to be smiling...

We have been seeing more of cousin Kade lately. Here he is playing "band" with Zev and Tahl.

Zev and Kade are getting better about taking turns. They were sharing this guitar really well, and they even let Tahl take a turn or two.

We also went to the park this week with Mimi, Papa, and Kade. Here is Kade playing golf. He is really great.

Here is what Zev believes is golf.

Papa tried to teach him some. This is after they practiced. I think he still needs more practice.

The boys had lots of fun digging in the dirt and even kicked a soccer ball once or twice. We are just about to go get on an airplane to go visit some of Zev's other cousin in San Francisco. He is so excited to go on the plane. Hopefully we will get lots of pictures.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My little Valentines...

This guy loves Valentine's Day! It is mostly because he loves paper, and he loved playing with all the valentine cards he got at the party we went to.

Here is Z. He had so much fun at the party. Any party with cookie decorating, donuts, milk, and tons of fruit is the perfect party to Zev.
We also made yummy heart cookies at our house, and Mimi came over to give the boys fire truck pjs. Zev loved them! I'll try to get a picture to add soon.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Painting in the nude

Today Zev was doing water colors, and he wouldn't stop sticking his hands in them, so we decided to get in the tub and finger paint instead. We haven't done this in a while, and Zev used to be afraid to get it on his body. As you will see, he is past that now! Luckily we have a tub with a sprayer which makes this mess easy to clean.

We started out learning about color mixing. Here he is seeing that blue and yellow make green.

When we moved on to red, he decided he wanted some on his body.

He stepped in it and fell right after this. That's a quick way to learn a lesson about listening when your mom tells you not to step in it...

He got over his fall and lived to make an even bigger mess.

Next time maybe we won't use red.
Zev had lots of fun though. There were lots more pictures, but since this blog is public, I tried to only post the decent ones.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Random phone dump

This week Zev actually took a nap. Here is he is. He fell asleep on top of his stool.

He was not happy when he woke up. I'm sure he had a major back ache.

He put his hat on like this, and he told me he was a pirate because he only had one eye. Then he asked me to take his picture.
He is still very in to pretending. He's a baby, a fireman, a bear, a fireman bear, a froggie, a baby froggie, and on, and on...

Here is Tahl at the mall playground. He loves it there on the cushioned ground to crawl and play.

Zev and I at the mall.

Tahl was playing with another little girl, but he kept grabbing the poor girl's toys right out of her hands. I guess that is all he knows at this house.

Here is Mr. Tahl with a berry face.


Here is Zev trying to drink and lick out the last of his frozen yogurt. He was quite the mess.

Last, here is a picture of Tahl playing construction worker.

He and Zev were taking turns.
Taking turns is blog worthy in itself. Hopefully I will do better about taking more pictures this week!

10 months!

Tahl is 10 MONTHS old today! I can't believe how fast the time seems to be going now that he is so big and fun!

Tahl is still incredibly sweet and happy. He does let you know when he is hungry though, which this month has been a LOT of the time. He is a thin guy, but he eats and eats. He likes table food, especially carbs, cheese, and some fruits. He is not ready to give up baby food though. He is still nursing four times a day, but I am hoping to cut that down to three this week.

He loves to play, and he loves his family. He loves almost everyone he meets.

He still loves to put everything in his mouth, especially socks. They never stay on his feet for long.

He is really fast at crawling now, and he is cruising a little when he feels like it. He definitely prefers to crawl though.

I think this is my new favorite picture of him.

He likes to look through his books, but I have to be careful because he will take a bite out of them. I mean a big, chunky, bite of cardboard in his mouth.

He does like to look at the pictures too though.

Zev wanted his picture made too, so he decided to hold Tahl in his lap.

Tahl started off really enjoying it.

Tahl got pretty mad when he was ready to go, and Zev wouldn't let him go.

He was happy to be back beside him now.

Here is Zev solo.

This is his fake smile.

This is his also (mostly) fake smile, but a cute one nonetheless.
Zev is a fireman half our day now. He does love Tahl, and he still giggles at things he does and gives him kisses. He is also still passive-aggressive towards him at times too, stomping on his fingers, etc. He is definitely sweeter to him than he was a few months ago and sharing better, but we still have a ways to go.