Tuesday, March 30, 2010


On Sunday, Zev, dad, and I walked to see the ducks in the park. We had a good time, so today Zev and I went again. Zev likes the ducks okay, the dogs in the park even better, and the wheels on his stroller the best! His main park objective is to get out, so he can try to turn the wheels and eat the leaves on the ground.

On another note, Zev learned about the facts of life as we saw two ducks trying to make some baby ducks together...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

pretty in pink...

Here is a picture of Kade, Papa, and Zev. We had a fun lunch together this week.

Today, Zev went to a play date at Beth's, but we ended up going to the mall. I didn't have my stroller with me, so Zevi ended up borrowing Lucy's backup stroller. Doesn't he look pretty in pink? I swear I didn't try to get him to do his wrist like that, but it is pretty funny...

Last, but definitely not least, a video of Zev and dad playing. Excuse his nakedness, but he had just had a big dinner of beets and spaghetti, so he ate naked. It makes the clean up easier.

When Zev was finished eating spaghetti tonight, he cried REAL TEARS because he wanted more. He usually fusses when dinner is over, but he was really upset about this. This guy likes to eat.

Monday, March 22, 2010

What a pretty boy...

On Friday it was a high in the 70s, and on Saturday, it did this! Texas is crazy! I am probably still the only mom who hasn't let my baby go out in the snow, but it is cold!

More importantly, I have some funny pictures of the little man. He had some beets with his dinner, and boy does he look pretty.

He knows how cute he is too. I love that little happy face.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

crawling down the hall...

I have two fun videos of Zev playing in the hall. In one he is crawling to me in my room, and in the other he crawls a little, and then I think stops to dance? Not sure exactly, but pretty darn cute!

Friday, March 19, 2010

10 months!

Happy 10 months Zev!

Zev is 10 months, and time is flying by. He is still a happy healthy guy, and Ari and I couldn't be luckier. These pictures make me laugh because you can see how badly he wanted the camera. We had a bit of a fuss when he couldn't have it, but he moves on to trying to catch the dog or some other form of trouble!

Highlights of our month:
1. The ability to get anywhere and everywhere
2. eating and more eating! Zev's current favorite is kiwi...
3. The curls... everyone talks about them. Every other baby grabs at them, and poor Zev gets his hair yanked at least three times a playdate, but they are so cute.
4. The sudden ability to make trouble and throw fits. It can be frustrating, but it is so much fun to see Zev's personality, and what he really cares about. Like most babies, that is electronics, shiny things, anything plugged into the wall, and just about anything he shouldn't have!
5. Zev LOVES his daddy. He cries when he leaves the room or (sadly for me) when Ari hands him to me.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tyler 2

Here is a picture of Zev and Pops! They had lots of fun together on this trip. We can't wait until the whole family moves back home in June so we can see them more often!

Here is Zev eating a chair. I think Zev's favorite food is wood. He loves to eat his crib, tables, anything wooden feels great on his teeth.

This is actually after we got home, but this is showing off Zev's crawling skills. He doesn't go very far though before he decides the old way would be faster...

Monday, March 15, 2010


Here are a few pictures my aunt took during our time in Tyler. Zev loved his Uncle Scott and had a good time with his great grandparents!



While we were in Tyler Zevi had a little jello! He didn't get much in his mouth. Most of it landed on his clothes, towel, seat, and face, but he had fun. Obviously we won't be eating jello all the time, but it was fun for a little adventure with his Pops, Aunt Li Li, Grandpa, and GiGi. There is a little video of him playing with it too!

Zev didn't start off too clean to begin with. He had a little bit of spinach on his head...

by the end, it was a little big gruesome...

Believe it or not, thanks to Aunt Lisa, the clothes came out perfectly clean! Zev is no worse for the wear, and contrary to Ari's worries is not asking for jello at each meal... If we go to Luby's again that might be a different story though.


Zev is really enjoying bubbles lately! He loves watching them, but it is hard to capture on video. Here is a brief video of me hitting him in the face (on accident of course)...

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Zev has taken to fruit... He ate all of this on his tray, though he needs a little help because the fruit is slippery... We are still working on finding some veggies he likes. That is our big goal this week. He loves chicken and string cheese, and he still can't get enough of any sort of carb item. Zev's favorite activities right now include going everywhere and getting into everything, clapping, and listening to me read books. His favorite toys right now are probably an empty sprite bottle, a plastic cup, and a singing light up maraca.

Yesterday, Zev had a big day! He went to work with his dad, and then he went to Jennifer and Benjamin's third birthday party. He had lots of fun playing, and then in the afternoon he went to the park with mom and dad. Here he is loving the swing, like always. We are excited about our week. My dad is coming in town, so Z will be going to Tyler for a visit. We will definitely post pictures of that...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Zev is eating a few actual solid items now. He loves carbs (veggie puffs, apple wheels, sweet potato puff stars), but not much else. He likes yogurt melts and cheese, but he is not so into tofu or strawberries though... we are working on branching out. This is crazy because last week at about this time was the first time he started eating solid things without acting like he was choking, and now he is having cheese and strawberries with his lunch!

Zev is also venturing out from me. At Wiggles today he was moving across the gym chasing after balls with no worry for where I was. He does get very angry when the toys he wants get taken by someone else, but we have a long time to work on sharing...

On another note, Zev's uncle Scott passed his nursing exam today! We are really proud of all his hard work, and we can't wait to see him in Tyler next week...

Monday, March 1, 2010

Dominican Republic

We got some more vacation pictures from Buster. Here is my favorite of Zev playing with his dad on the slide.

Here is a great one of Gregg (Buster), Karen (Buby), Grandma Dee, and Grandpa George at dinner. Thanks again to Grandpa George and Grandma Dee for taking us on this fantastic trip.

Zev and Buby

Zev and dad relaxing on a chair...

Jaren is too cute in all of her swim suits, but this bikini is too precious!

Zev and Uncle Oren. They had lots of fun together...

Zev on the beach with Buster and dad...

everyone relaxing at the hotel

Zev liked playing on the slide...

but not as much as Jaren and Noah!

Jaren was really brave just ready to get out and try anything. Noah takes a little more warming up, but he loved the slide too. Zev loved playing with his cousins, and he can't wait to see them again. We had lots of fun too, though vacationing with a baby is very different than doing it on your own.