Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

We carved pumpkins last night. Tahl and Zev emptied them out a little, and then they mostly played with the seeds moving them from one bowl to another.  We made Tahl a Mickey pumpkin.

Zev wanted a Goofy pumpkin. Big surprise...

Two guys trying to pose with their pumpkins.

Just checking it out again.

Then tonight after we posed with our pumpkins, we went to our friend Heather's in-laws' house. We had fun eating pizza with our friends and trick or treating. Here I am with my little monkey. 

He loves this costume, he walks around saying "ah ah ah, ooh, eeee."

Here is Ari with the baby monkey.

Here are Zev and Tahl with all their friends.

Both Tahl and Z (the little pumpkin) did not appreciate being left on these steps.

We have a purple witch, Goofy, the Magic School Bus, Tahl the monkey, a rat, Mrs. Frizzle, and a ballet cat.

Zev was ready to get going!

Goofy and I

Here is Goofy with his dad...

I tried for one with the two guys, but Tahl just really wanted to get away.

He really got into the trick or treating.  He was doing what all the big kids were doing. He would walk up and try to say "trick or treat," then he wanted to put the candy in his bucket.

Zev did a great job using his manners too.

All the kids had such a good time. We just went up and down one block, but I think they got plenty of candy. Ari and I have already just had a *little* bit of it.

Zev fell asleep in the car on the way home. When we got home, I took him out of the car, and he woke up just a little to say, "Can I have some more candy?" I think they had a good time.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Disney World Trip (Day 4)

Day four Goofy hug! 

Here we are waiting outside of the Animal Kingdom for Becky. He was so excited to be wearing his new Goofy shirt!

Looking at the gorillas with dad.

We went on the safari, and we had fun seeing the animals up close.

Zev likes zebras (because they start with Z), so these were especially exciting.

Zev met Chip and Dale. One of them is tickling him here.

He loved it.

Here he is meeting Goofy for the sixth and final time.

Ari said that when he walked away, Goofy turned and said "he loved me" through gestures.

Becky and Joe came to the Magic Kingdom to meet us for dinner.  We had so much fun! Zev just fell in love with Joe. He though he was hilarious. He wanted to ride Dumbo again with me and Joe.

A quick ride on the carousel again!

Becky and I at Disney World 9 years later!

Here is Zev riding the tea cups with Becky and Joe.

This was our last night of the trip. We watched the fire works again, and Zev split his time between daddy and Joe.  Joe gave Zev a very special present before we left. It is a gold medal from the Goofy marathon.  Z thinks it is amazing. Here he is in his pjs at the airport posing with it after he pretended he won it on the balance beam.
We just wanted to thank Becky again for everything.

We also want to thank my step mother Stacy for watching Tahl! She was amazing, and Tahl had the best time with her.  When he saw her on Saturday, he did not want her to go! Zev may like boys best, but Tahl loves his Gram! We love you Stacy!

Disney World Trip (Day 3)

Here are our day three morning shots of Zev hugging the Goofy statue.  Do you notice anything special about him today?  

He was so excited to be wearing his Goofy costume on his way to meet Goofy. 

Here is my son literally kissing Goofy's feet. Ari said he was just a few inches from bird poop, but we couldn't stop it.

We went into Epcot and had our picture made with our own little Goofy.

We met my fantastic friend Becky (who helped us out with our trip!) and she took these fun pictures.

She took this cute one of Zevi too.

As soon as we walked in, who did we see?  GOOFY! Zev was so excited to see Goofy when they were dressed alike.  Goofy pointed out that they matched too.

Zev was having the time of his life.


Here Goofy was trying to Zev how to stand like him in a picture. See Zev's little foot and arm?

Zev did not feel shy today.  Everyone in line behind us thought it was so cute. They were taking pictures of Zev and Goofy too.

Right before we left Goofy even signed Zev's hat!

Then we went off to the Nemo ride. Here is Zev outside.  He does love to pose with statues.

playing a matching game inside

Zev and Daddy in the shark's mouth! Ari looks a little more scared than Zev.

Next we went on the figment ride which Zev really liked.  Here he is after conducting music with his arm.

We walked around Epcot a little more, and ate the most delicious lunch ever.  Ari, Zev, and Becky ate in Morocco. I had escargot and my favorite sandwich in France. I was a happy girl.  Then Becky had to go to work running events in Epcot, and we were going to go back to the Magic Kingdom.  On our way out we saw that Goofy was still standing there with a very short line so we went to say goodbye. 

This would be our perfect Christmas card picture, if only Tahl was in it!

Zev is still trying to pose just like Goofy taught him.  This time he also remembered his gloves. 

Do you see me Goofy?

Goofy's assistant had a great idea for them to pose together as big and little goofy.

How cute is this?  After this though, Zev kept wanting to walk around with his hat pulled down low to look like the real Goofy.

Next we went to meet Daisy on our way out.  Zev had lost most of his shyness with the characters by now and was just hugging her up.

Zev also really improved on looking at the camera and saying cheese.

We got back in line AGAIN to meet Goofy for a third time that day so I could get a picture with my cell phone to text to my mom.

Zev didn't seem to mind the chance to play with Goofy again.

We also got this picture which showed how over the moon he was to be with his hero.

Then we went on the the Magic Kingdom. The first thing we did when we got there was to let Ari show off his amazing hula hooping skills. 

Ari tried to do it with Zev in his hoop, but he didn't really help much.

We went right back to ride on Dumbo again.  This time I got to go with Zev.

What I think he loved most was the power to make the Dumbo fly up and down.

He wasn't really sure that the wanted to ride on the Goofy roller coaster again, but we talked him into it.

He was a little sorry.

Ari said the whole time he was going, "eeeeeee eeeeee." He was very afraid. When we got off he made it very clear he would NOT be riding again.

We went have a celebration snack! This was a delicious Mickey pretzel.

We went back to see Mommy and Daddy's favorite Mickey's Philharmagic. Zev loved it just like us.  We saw it a few times over the trip.

Cheese!  I think we rode the teacups three times too.

Then we went back to eat dinner and see the fireworks at Epcot. Becky had set us up with VIP seating.

She also brought Zev a cupcake surprise.

He was covered in frosting, and he told us this was a no grown-ups cupcake. He was not going to share any bites!

Becky gave us all these really cool glasses that show Mickey's whenever you look in a bright light. Zev told us he saw "millions and zillions of Mickey's!"

Ari used them over the camera lens to take a picture of what it looked like.

I was surprised the pictures turned out. Thanks so much Becky for the best fire works experience ever! We love you!