Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Tahl has graduated from sitting in his car seat to sitting in the red stroller seat when he is awake. He likes it much more than his car seat.

He also likes to look at Zev! This works better too because Zev can see where we are going instead of just the back of Tahl's seat.

Today Zev was trying on my sunglasses, and I decided we needed some pictures.

He likes to wear them like me.

Then Zev decided Tahl needed to try them on too. He is loving it...

I think they might need to be cleaned...

This is another "marshmallow" smile.
Zev is a little wild looking because today was "Water Carnival" day at school. I am told he had tons of fun. Everyday when Ari drives Zev to school he asks him if he is going to swim, and he says "No, eat". So apparently Zev's favorite part of school is lunch. He just wants to eat some "wiwi" and "ah-dado". Who can blame him? He really loves his "marmemows" so maybe you will be seeing more (fake) smiles on here in the weeks to come!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Brother Photo Shoot...

Today Zev wanted to wear his dog shirt, so I just knew that Tahl wanted to wear a dog outfit too. That's when I remembered that his baseball cap matched his outfit! Of course, I had to take some pictures. Zev thought he should be in the pictures too. We asked him if he wanted to hold Tahl, and he said YES. So, here you have it, a Zev and Tahl photo shoot.

(Please excuse the long explanation, but I have been reading "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" and "If You Give a Cat a Cupcake" over and over and over...)

Zev thinks this is fun.

He's looking at Tahl instead of pretending he isn't around! (He is doing this more lately even not during pictures.)

Here Ari told Zev he had to look at me. Ari turned his head toward me. This is Zev saying, you still can't make me look at you...
Then everyone fell over.

Poor Tahl.

So, we took Tahl out of Zev's lap, and we told him we would give him marshmallows if he would smile.

We got some excellent fake smiles.

This looks a lot like a face I used to make as my "smile" when I was little.

I think Tahl wants one too.

Here is a photo of just Tahl. I swear this makes him look fatter than he is...

Maybe we will try for more marshmallow photo shoots soon...

Monday, June 20, 2011

Grandma's Stinker...

My Grandma, who the boys call GG, gave Tahl a little "grandma's stinker" outfit with matching hat when he was born. I realized we hadn't done a photo shoot in it yet, so today while Zev was at school, I took a few pictures! It was very fitting because last night Tahl was a bit of a stinker. He's so cute though, so I forgive him...

Not so sure about the hat, he went a little cross-eyed...

He must have a big head.

So, we went hatless.

He looks good in green.

Maybe I should have brushed his hair, post hat. Oh well.
Now, I can hear the stinker crying, so I am off to get him!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to our super dad!

We are so lucky to have Ari around. He is the most patient, loving, and fun dad I know. He builds legos like a pro, teaches Zev how to blow bubbles and swim, and takes Zev out to garden. They have so much fun together.

On another note, Thursday was Ari and I's fourth wedding anniversary. I am pretty lucky to have him around too. We are having so much with this parenting thing, and Ari is the best dad I know for the "unfun" parts too. Who knew the best anniversary gift would be Ari coming home to take over fussing baby duty? We have the night off today to celebrate!

Happy Father's day to my dad and my Grandpa. Thanks for being there for our kids. Happy Father's Day also to Grandpa George and Gregg. Thanks for showing Ari what a good dad should look like!

Saturday, June 18, 2011


As we get out more and more of Zev's old clothes for Tahl, we have quite a few flash backs. Today we tried to stage a flashback to this famous photo of a sleeping chubby Zev.

Instead we got this! Someone does not want to be just like his big brother. He is also a few weeks younger (and skinnier)...
It is also fitting because just when I said Tahl was sleeping better he had his worst night in a while. He has also been really difficult for naps (from 45 minutes to 2 hours working to get him to sleep...) Today was a better day with Ari home, so hopefully tomorrow will go better as well, and we will start the week off on a new note.

He came around a little in the end, but it just wasn't the same since he was awake. Maybe I'll try again next time he wears this outfit!
These guys are not twins by any means, but I think you can tell they are brothers. I think Tahl may be (excuse the pun) a little taller than Zev. He weighed 11 pounds, 12 ounces at his two month appointment. He was in about the 50-75th% for height (23 1/4 inches) and weight, where as Zev was usually around 50th for weight and 25% for height. Zev has definitely grown a lot though. At his two year he weighed about 30 pounds and was just under 3 feet tall. He was for the first time about 75th% for height and between 50-75th% for weight. (Please excuse all the boring details, but this is my baby book after all...)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

TWO months old!

I can't believe Tahl is two months old already! He celebrated with a little photo shoot.

Tahl is starting to sleep a little better. He has moved out of the swing and into bed. I do have to hold him, rock him, shush him, etc. for anywhere from ten minutes (if I'm super lucky) to forty-five minutes to get him to sleep though. He has slept a few longer stretches at night so far.

He eats really well, and we will find out what he weighs at the doctor tomorrow.

He does lots more sitting and tummy time. He has been taking a bath without crying, and he did actually seem to like the pool for the first five minutes or so. He might have kept enjoying it, but he ended up making a really big poop (that got on my mom's pants), so maybe he was having tummy troubles.

Here is Zev reminding us that he is already good at laying on his tummy...

Everyone decided to try it.

This guy is definitely getting cuter.
Can't wait to see what the next month brings us. Hopefully more sleep, more smiles, and more leg roles!

I forgot...

I put in our Saturday afternoon swim, but I forgot our Sunday afternoon outing to the Children's Museum!

Zev did some farming.

He milked a cow...

He REALLY liked this snake.

He played on the computer.

He played in the sand.

Tahl took a nap.

I forgot how little tiny babies do! At least Tahl could nap while I was wearing him here because it was inside. Tahl does not like to be put down, but it is too hot to wear him outside much right now. This has really been slowing down our park visits, but Zev just gets to play extra in our yard and on the porch.

Pictures from our week...

I have been bad about taking pictures, but Zev was sick a few days this week. When he was sick he was pretty sure I should do nothing but hold him, not take pictures, and definitely not hold Tahl... I did get a few on my phone and after he got better though.

Here are the boys in bed. Zev likes it a little more now when Tahl gets in to visit him. I'm not sure if he can find him through all the toys...

This weekend when everyone was feeling good, Tahl went for his first swim.

Zev also tested out his very manly swim diaper.

I tried to get a picture of everyone looking, but it's not so easy in this family.

We wanted to show off their matching speedos...

I have a hard time getting Tahl to sleep, apparently though, I should just let him sleep on the couch...

Ari and I were cooking dinner while Zev was playing outside. We looked out and saw him just chilling in a chair. Excuse the screen door in the picture.

While Zev was sick, we had to get out of the house, so we went to Target. In the dollar section, they had some nice "Cars" socks. Zev has decided to be a big fan of Lightning McQueen.

I think this one is to pay me back for always hating on Elmo. I have always loved Grover, and I believed Elmo ruined his life. I guess I didn't realize back then that Frank Oz wanted to move on, and they hadn't found a new Grover yet, but I have decided to learn a lesson from Zev. He loves Elmo and Grover, so maybe I can too.
This week Zev starts his summer camp at the JCC. They get to play outside and swim every day. He is going to be so happy (and tired).

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Tahl is growing...

I am a horrible swaddler, so I have invested in this new blanket for Tahl. The poor guy looks like he is wearing a straight jacket, but it is working for us so far.
He is still sleeping mostly in his swing, but he has slept some in the bed this week. Maybe we can slowly move towards more and more in bed sleep time.

Tahl is getting bigger! He can't sit in here for too long yet, but he is enjoying the bumbo. He is getting a lot more head control.

We have been trying to have lots of tummy time. Tahl gets bored/fussy after about two or three minutes, but we try to do it a few times throughout the day.

This video is only for the true Tahl fan. It features the little guy sneezing not much else, but this is about all he does right now!

Tahl is not the only one who likes the bumbo... While Tahl does his tummy time, Zev keeps us company.

I am excited that he is getting bigger!