Monday, May 24, 2010

busy Zev

Zev has been super busy lately. Here he is at Chuck E. Cheese for his cousin Brock's birthday party. He had a good time driving this car and a few others. He was a little bored watching Ari and I steal his tokens to play "Deal or No Deal." Overall though, I think he had a good time.

Today Zev went into our pool for the first time of the season. We had fun, but he does not want his head near the water. He likes to drive in here, and he also likes to splash. We went in the pool to wash off what you see below...

I read on the internet when I was looking for fun things to with Zev, that babies like to finger paint. I used pudding. Once Zev figured out that pudding is tasty, the painting part disappeared. He really got very little in his mouth. I would say less than a spoonful {I also ate the other half}, but he did get a lot on himself.

Here is a video of the pudding pig himself. Please ignore my annoying voice, but you need the sound to hear Zev tell you what sound a pig makes.

This is not Zev, but my friends who read this always hear me talk about Zev's cousins, Noah and Jaren. Here is a picture of each of them on the last day of school. I am told that Noah said he wanted to wear this goggles so he could see everything blue all day, but I think they didn't make it out of the car.

Jaren is maybe the prettiest little girl I've ever seen.
Zev is excited (at least I'm telling him to be) that he is going to get to play with his cousins soon! We go to Chicago in June for Oren's graduation from law school. WE can't wait.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


On Saturday morning, Zev took a walk with his mom, dog, and Mimi to feed the ducks some bread. Here he is getting ready to go.

When we got there, we were excited to see that two different ducks had lots of little ducklings. It was hard to get a good picture of them with our phones because they don't let you get too close, but you can see them in the background of this picture.

As much as Zev likes watching ducks, he prefers to try to take off his shoes and eat leaves...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Buby and Buster

Yesterday when I blogged about our new and improved back yard, I was so proud of Ari for building the swing set all by himself, that I forgot to mention who it came from. Buby and Buster got Zev a fantastic swing set to play on, just like they got his cousin Noah on his first birthday.

While we are on the topic of Buby and Buster, I just want to mention that Zev could not be luckier to have them as grandparents. Whenever they see something that says "Zev," be it a cute outfit, a good book, a stuffed animal, or a fun monkey smock; they just pop it in the mail. Even better than presents is how much Zev gets to see them. You would think that being in Utah, Zev wouldn't see them often, but he has seen them at least 7 times in the last year. Zev has such a great time with Buster and Buby because they are so much fun... So thanks, Buby and Buster for all that you do for Zev (and us). Even if I accidentally forget to blog about it, know that it does not go unappreciated! We love you.


Zev has been "talking" on the phone a lot lately. When he picks it up, he says "Da da da da." He also has a new word, number five, "hi." He will use this one when told and when he is playing phone. This morning (repeating after me) he said "hi da." He also has been blowing kisses and doing the "how big is Zevi?" trick this week. We are, of course, massively impressed as only parents can be.


smoosh face talking

saying something very serious

as always, one just to show how cute this guy is...

Zev went to the doctor for his year check up yesterday. He is 21 pounds, 9 ounces (35%) and 29 inches (25%). The doctor said he is just short, but he is solid for his height. He had only wonderful things to say about Zev, but then the visit got a little rough when it was shot time. Zevi was very brave, but he got a fever last night after his shots. Hopefully he feels better today.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

new backyard

Zev has a fun new and improved side yard to play in. Ari built him a playground. Here it is at the start.

Then, ta da! The finished product. Ari did a great job, and he had to dig it into the ground to make it level. Zev doesn't play on it too much yet. He sits on my lap in the swings, and I've put him inside to play with the steering wheel.

On the other side, we have a sand and water table from Pops and Gramm, and Zev got a new picnic table from Mimi and Papa. He also has some great garage sale toys from his dad.

Right now, he likes to open and close the mailbox and the door to the house. He loves to put leaves in the water table too. We have lots of fun outside.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


the birthday boy

I know a few people who do the whole "10 on Tuesday" thing on their blogs. I have never done it before, but in honor of Zev's birthday, I will do a list of 10 things I love about Zev.

1. Just like me, that kid loves his dad. The other day when Ari was trying to wake him up, he was murmuring "da da" in his sleep. He is so happy everyday when Ari comes home. He follows him everywhere, and Ari is the best dad, so he deserves ALL the love.

2. Zev is a snuggler. I am so lucky that he still lets me hold him for hugs at least right before he goes to sleep. Sometimes even when we are out, he will come to me and put his head on my shoulder for some back rubbing and hugs.

3. He has his own ideas. I love that Zev is quirky. He may eat hair and be afraid to go down a slide, but he know what he likes and I love that.

4. It is so much fun watching him learn to be independent and go after what he wants. He used to only sit by me when we went places, but he is starting to venture away, and it makes me proud.

5. Zev likes to EAT! Zev eats just about everything and in large amounts. Last night he had his first pizza, and he ate an entire piece. He loves anything with red sauce, fruit, and meat. He definitely likes sweets, but I think he is going to be a good eater.

6. His hair. Who could not love the curls on this kid? The rest of him is pretty cute too.

7. I love when he just busts out laughing for at least what I see as no reason. He laughs whenever I drink my chocolate shake or sometimes just at himself in the mirror. He also makes the funniest faces.

8. That being said, he laughs for the right reasons too. Zev loves when I put his pants or a rubber duck on my head. He loves when I pretend to be a dog, and he likes to lick my nose and then laugh hysterically.

9. I love getting to see how Zev changes my family. He made Ari and I into a happy little family, but I also love seeing our parents with him. It is fun to see your parents as grandparents, and mine and Ari's siblings as aunts and uncles. Zev is so lucky to have such a wonderful and close family.

10. I like how being with Zev makes me feel. He loves me all the time just for being me, and that is something you can really only get from a child. I love being a mom, and I know this was the boy meant just for me. He is making me a better person every single day.

Here are a few pictures from today. The big ONE YEAR OLD day!

playing wheels

with his friends

playing ball

Monster party


Today is Zev's first birthday. I will do a separate post on that later, but here are some pictures of his monster bash. I have to say, I charged my camera battery all night, and then I forgot to take any pictures, so what I have here are the pictures taken by my grandmother and my aunt. Thank goodness someone was paying attention! The monster party went off great. We had monster cupcakes and party favors, but even better we had Zev as the little monster birthday boy!

Here is Zev having his first taste of cake...

He thinks it is pretty good.

When Ari took it away, he definitely cried, but he got over it because it was time to open presents! The very first thing we opened was this amazing stool from the Aces, painted by my cousin Ashlyn. It matches Zev's blanket I had made, and I LOVE IT!

Zev loved spending time with all the people at the party. He loves his family and friends.

In the end, Zev had tons of fun, got way too many presents, and we had a great day. Emily came to surprise us! I was so excited. Here is a not so great (ignore my cell phone) picture of Zev and Grey. Zev was sweet, touching his shirt and clapping for Grey. I think they love each other.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day & Birthday

I had my first mother's day, and Ari made me breakfast. I also got to sleep in. It was lovely, then today for my birthday, Zev let me sleep in again! Zev has been extra sweet. Twice he has licked my nose and then laughed hysterically because he thinks he is so funny. Then we laugh at each other and have a great time. Zev also got his one year old pictures taken at Target. There were a few cute ones, and I am going to illegally post the low quality images I pulled off the website here for the world to see! Don't worry, I did buy some or at least my mom did (with a coupon of course.)

happy, happy boy

Zev's birthday outfit, pretend you didn't see it yet if you come to the party!

He was playing peek-a-boo here...

I think they did a pretty good job, considering I don't typically like studio photos, but it is really hard to mess up a picture of this little MONSTER!

water table

Last week, my dad, Stacy, Madison, and Jake sent Zev's birthday present, a sand and water table. It was rainy outside so Zev tried it out in the house.

He has now tried it out in the backyard with water in it (no sand yet), and he loves it. He liked to put leaves in the water. Then he crawls around in the dirt with his wet little body and gets muddy. It is lots of fun. Wish you guys could come to the party, but hopefully it won't rain, so Zev and his friends can try out all his cool new stuff.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Zev ate a BIG dinner last night of noodles, chicken, and peas in red sauce. He also had a side of broccoli zucchini. I did not think he could POSSIBLY eat all of this, but he did...

Here is a video of Zev enjoying his food...

Next, we have the finished product. I think I have learned that the monster will eat as many noodles as I put on his plate, so next time; I will put less, but this night he had a feast. When he was finished he was upset, so he had a little bit of kiwi for dessert. Zev LOVES fruit.

After this we had a long bath. Then Zev still wanted to nurse before bed... I am really interested to see what he will weigh at his year appointment.

Last, a little video of the man in his room. He loves crawling around the back of his chair and between the chair and foot rest. I think he thinks he has found some sort of secret passage. Here he gets stuck, and he is so proud of himself when he gets out.