Wednesday, July 27, 2011


If you remember, Ari did the last crazy hair day. He tried to make Zev's hair straight, but it just curled back up and looked greasy. I decided this time it would be easier just to spray it a funny color like all the fourth grade boys do. So here we have it, Zev with orange hair. He thought this was tons of fun. He laughed and laughed while he wore a towel and stood getting sprayed in the bath tub. He didn't even mind having his hair blow dried. I am sure he will be talking about it for days to come...
The flash makes it look much brighter...

Ava's 1st Birthday Weekend

This past weekend we went to San Francisco (mostly San Rafael besides the drive) to celebrate Ava's first birthday and baby naming. I have quite a few pictures of our fun weekend with family.

Ari, Zev, and Noah in the hot tub looking at the bubbles...

The star of the weekend getting some water from Grandma Mimi.

Tahl tried floating in the pool. He ended up mostly in my lap though. I think he liked it more than these pictures make it seem...

Zev decided he wanted to be big like Noah and Jaren part of the time. This is him copying Noah by watching cartoons in Buby and Buster's room.

Sometimes he just wanted to play in the kitchen! Lexie decided she liked him, and she wouldn't leave him alone. Zev DID NOT like this as she was blocking his way to the fridge...

Here is Grandma Dee feeding Ava a bottle before her big party!

Zev and Uncle Oren had lots of fun together. If you mention Oren's name now that we are home, Zev gets a big smile.

Daddy getting Zev to eat an orange (with the peel, Ari's favorite part)...

Noah, Ava, Tova, and Jaren

Oren and Noah played lots of football. Zev just ran around after them screaming.

Noah in Oren's hat. Noah is the sweetest cousin and big brother. He played with Zev and Ava lots.

Karen and Ava

Ava with her other grandmother.

Here are Rachel, Ava, and Zach during the baby naming ceremony. It was very sweet.

Ari is so handsome.

Karen, Ari, and I after the party.

I had to rest after eating way too much dessert...

Grandpa George was happy to watch Tahl though. They got along very well. Tahl had lots to say to him.

Oren, Jaren, Ava, and Zach in the pool

Last here is Ava and Tova playing. Tova is almost six months pregnant, so our next big event will be the baby naming or bris of the next baby Glenn! I missed the pictures of Ava eating her birthday cake, but she really did a good job. Happy birthday Miss Ava!

Zev had so much fun with his family and did lots of talking. Tahl loved being passed around and getting so much attention too. Now we are back to our regular schedule, and Zev is back in camp. Today is funny hair day in fact, I will be sure to post a picture...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Grey, Emily, and Wayne visit...

We had a special visitor today. Zev likes Grey about 90% of the time. The boys like to copy each other too. We had lots of fun playing together.

Tahl even got some snuggles from Wayne.

Then we decided to have a photo shoot. The big boys did not think this was a good idea...

Zev though about forgiving us, but Grey was sticking to his guns...

My two guys both eating hands...

This picture makes me think that: one, Zev is crazy, and two, Zev needs a haircut!

I think we will get to see Emily and Grey one more time this week!

Two year olds are crazy...

Zev has been getting crazier daily since he turned two!

He eats like a pig...

The last bite of his ENTIRE Costco hot dog.

This picture shows his plate of relish, ketchup, mustard, and sauerkraut. It's a little mixed together by the end.
This lunch, of course, made him so full he fell asleep in the car on the way home. Then he didn't take his real afternoon nap.

Zev also loves to play outside at his water table. He has started pouring water on his head while he is playing... If I do this during bath time though, I am evil.

Zev has also started looking to see if I am watching before he lays down on the floor to throw fits. Mostly, he is just unbelievably silly all the time. We are having lots of fun with it (and a few headaches too!)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

3 Months!

Tahl is 3 months old today! He celebrated by having yummy hands for snack.

Pictures are fun!

Look at those sweet legs! (There are some cute ones in the background too...)

He looks so big here. He is getting much sweeter too. He giggles and smiles at me just about every time he sees me. It makes me happy.


Look at this expression. I love this kid.

Naked sticker time.

I weighed Tahl today, and he was 14 pounds. He is sleeping a little more. Some nights we only have to get up once instead of several times... He is just an entirely different guy than at two months, and I can't wait to see what the next month brings.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Thank you GG and Grandpa!

While we were in Tyler this last trip, GG and Grandpa surprised Zev with his very own car. He loves it. We left it in Tyler until after our trip to Vegas. My parents wanted another big toy there, and he won't get to ride it much outside here in the heat anyway. He will be so excited when we bring it home. He loved filling it with gas and driving, but most of all he loved when he put his feet up on the dash board and convinced his aunt, uncles, and cousins to drive him like crazy around the house.

He's hoarding these magnets to put them in the back of his car.
Thanks again Grandma and Grandpa!

Thing 1 and Thing 2

First, and most important: I finally caught one!
Even better because he's lifting his head, which decreases his number of chins.

Here is someone else with that lovely smile.

Next, I told him to frown.

This is what his actual mad face looks like. I see it a LOT.

Then I told him to stick out his tongue.


Tahl has been given a lego. It didn't get to sit there too long though.

Here we have Thing 1 and Thing 2! My family brought me these back from Universal Studios when they went to see Harry Potter World without me. At least my kids got shirts...

This pair of expressions cracks me up. The big guy is crazy, and the little guy knows it...
We will have to try these again when Tahl is less shlumpy, and you can see the "Thing 2" better.