Monday, January 30, 2012

Silly guy

Zev has become incredibly silly. Here he is showing that off at school.

The other day after Zev's "rest" time in his room alone, I went in to find an entire roll of toilet paper in this bucket.
Yesterday, Ari and I went in to find his stool set up by his open closet doors. Every piece of clothing Zev owned was on the floor, including clothes from his drawers. He had the wipes down, and he had emptied an entire package of wipes into the trash... He is very destructive as of late.

But, back to the silly! Here he is as a fire dog...

He has recently been putting hand cuffs on everything. Then he will tell me, "my bed is a bad man," or whatever else he hooked them on to.

2 other big weekend sillies:
1. A woman was talking to Tahl when we were out to lunch having sandwiches. She was going on and on about how he was eating a sandwich. Zev looked right at her and deadpanned, "I eating a sandwich too." Tahl isn't going to get all of the attention while Zev has a say about it.
2. We went to the park with my parents and Kade. Zev and Kade were going up the slide instead of down, and I told Zev that if he went up the slide again we were going to go home. He then turned around and told Kade, "Kade, we go DOWN the slide." He is getting very bossy.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Zev's teachers posted some more pictures of him taken this month. Here he is sitting in one of his teacher's laps for Shabbat.

Birthday cupcakes!

He really liked this hat.

He also loves this floam. It shows up on his shoes quite often.

lunch with friends

Here they are exploring their new playground.

Zev loves to dig.

He also loves his silly hood.

They love this new sandbox. I am not sure what else is so great about the new playground...

It's sunny!

(This is Zev's "I peed on myself" outfit.)

Here he is hugging his other teacher, Miss Mari.

Zev has so much fun at school, and they say he is really doing pretty well. We are very proud of him.

Zev is jumping in puddles!

Zev loves to talk about rainy days and jumping in puddles. Last night it RAINED and RAINED. It kept me up half the night, but it did make some puddles.

Here he prepared in his "rainy boots" and his frog rain coat.

The first jump!

He had lots of fun.

He came in to (not) take a nap. Maybe he jumped enough to actually get one.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Tahl dances

Yesterday at a play date some music came on and Tahl started to dance! I was so excited. I tried to get a little video of it today.

In the second video, you see a little more dancing, and also T stops doing something when I tell him "no." This is about 50/50 right now depending on how much he wants to take apart the train set/ eat electrical wires/ chew on a tiny piece of carpet he found/ etc. I do have to tell him quite a lot though, so I think he is learning this word much earlier than Zev.

Today at school I told Zev to say goodbye to his teacher, and Tahl started waving! We have also been working on high 5's which I think he is getting pretty good at. This is on top of his other skills, so I have to say, this kid is awesome. He is also quite the dancer, the videos do not do him justice.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Visiting with Emily, Matt, and Grey

When Emily, Matt, and Grey were in town after the new year we went to the park together. I stole these pictures off Emily's blog, but I forgot to post them. Better late than never.

Grey is getting so big. Here he is sliding all by himself.

Zev didn't really want to do anything except play in the sandbox.

Grey didn't really want to join him, but he thought about it.

This kid LOVES to dig.

Tahl has fun being outside, but you can't put him down because he puts everything in his mouth, so instead he gets to be in pictures with me, Matt, and Grey.

Em and Grey sliding.

Em and I with our babies


We asked the boys to give hugs before they left.

Zev hugging Grey.

Grey hugging Zev. Zev is standing on a rock, so this is the best Grey could do. How sweet is he?

We always wish we could see the Richardson's more often! If Tahl could stop hating his car seat, maybe we will make it all the way to Mississippi one day soon.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Big imagination...

Lately Zev's imagination has grown by leaps and bounds! He is so much fun to play with. He loves to pretend ALL the time. If he is picking something up, he will tell me his is a crane. When he dumps it, he is, of course, a dump truck. He will take the round pillow off my bed to be a steam roller. When he sits in the rocking chair, he is an engine. The list goes on and on.

He is also full of funny sayings. He wants everything "so bad!" He also "loves it all day." For example, "I love lettuce all day! Need lettuce so bad!" He is always cracking us up.

Here he told me, "Tahl is in a cage".

I'm not sure how much Tahl appreciated it.

Then Zev told me, "I an astronaut!"


Here he is before his nap. He wanted this pillow down at the bottom because now he's in a cage. He loves to be a polar bear or a zoo keeper (zozippeer). He plays zoo keeper a bunch with his stuffed animals or he will tell me what animal to be.

Zev has pretty much given up his nap. He actually hasn't napped in his bed since before Christmas. We get an occasional car nap or maybe even in the stroller, but he just plays to much in bed. Today, he was just overcome mid book.

He also paints...

...sans pants!
At lunch today Zev told me this was his nest. I asked him what he was, and he told me he was a blue bird, complete with lovely tweeting noises.

This afternoon he wanted to wear his "worker guy" clothes on our walk. He was a little sad when the trucks weren't there today, but I let him down to explore.

It was mostly a photo op...

Zev loves to talk about caution cones...

He was sad he forgot his tools, so I'm sure he will be wearing this on another walk again soon.

On another note, this morning we went to the doctor for Tahl's 9 month. He was 28 inches tall, the same as Zev was at this size, and he weighed 18 pounds, 3 ounces. Zev weighed 19 pounds, 7 ounces at 9 months, so I guess he was a little bit chubbier. Zev has been much sweeter to Tahl lately too. Hooray!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

9 months!

Today Tahl is 9 months old!

He could not be sweeter. He is so much fun and SO active. At this age, Zev was just learning to army crawl, but Tahl is EVERYWHERE. He is all over the house: crawling, and pulling up.

He was happily cutting down on baby food and eating more real food, but now he is completely hating anything real and eating tons of baby food again. He is not only picky, but he changes his mind all the time about what is good or not. He will definitely eat *yogurt, sweet potatoes and other orange veggies, oatmeal, and crackers/mum mums/stars/carbs!* Other than the previously listed foods, there is no way to tell if something will be good or disgusting from day to day. Blue berries may be delicious for two days and then the worst thing ever....

He is still nursing four times a day, and eating solids at breakfast, lunch, and dinner with the family. He is sleeping most of the night, but several nights a week he wakes up at 4:30... We are hoping he gets over that soon! (Excuse all the extra info, but this is my baby book after all!)

Now to the pictures!

My camera died right when I put the sticker on, so I have a few cell phone pictures.

"It's a gate," says Zev...

Tahl loves to clap. He isn't exactly sure when to do what, but he loves to clap, put his hands in the air for "so big," wave, and sign milk and more. He just does them all in a row, and he isn't quite sure when to do what. It is really cute though.

He loves to babble too. This is not a quiet guy.

Here is a little video of the boys together. Zev is such a sweet and gentle older brother...
I had to end the video to help poor Tahl...

Once my camera battery recharged, we had another photo shoot.

This is a happy guy.

He loves my cell phone. He does not love when I take it away.

This was Zev's outfit all afternoon. Tahl is busy talking on Wanda's phone.

Potty training is going pretty well, just a few accidents.

Here we have Zev listening to Mimi's heartbeat.

Tahl loves instruments.

They make great sounds, and they're delicious!

He loves to pull up, and he loves to look out the window.

Here we have a few shots from my iphone in the last week.

Mater watching Mater on the TV.

Z driving the truck at the zoo last weekend.

Zev when he told me, "I put on lotion..." It was EVERYWHERE, but on TOP of his clothes...

He begged me to take this picture of his sock. Then he posed for it.

This is the "bad guy" phone.

Here is Zev "being a bridge"...
As you can see, he hasn't been wearing pants as much lately... He has also been saying tons of hilarious things. Hopefully I can keep track of them and put more of them up here later...