Sunday, April 18, 2010

11 months

Happy 11 months Zev!

Today was a yucky day, so we decided to make an outing to the Science Museum. Zev had lots of fun, and he will have even more fun when he can walk around on his own.

Zev loves things that spin...

he also likes to splash...

kissing the duck

off to explore space

looking at him in the fun house mirrors was more fun for us than him.


putting out fires with his drool

He had the most fun just playing though.

I can't believe he is almost one! He has been crawling everywhere like a pro. He pulls up and he will even cruise a little along the couch if he is motivated enough to get to what is on the other end. He can be a little picky, but he is a great eater. He is babbling all the time, and I swear he is saying dog. So word one: dada, word two: dog. Still no ma ma. Maybe he'll get it this month!

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