Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Grey Allen Richardson

Yesterday at 1:30 in the morning, I got a call from Emily's mother to tell me Emily was having a baby! I got up and got ready, then they picked me up at 2:30. We drove to Houston in plenty of time to meet the one and only...

Grey Allen Richardson

I got to see Em just a little while before it was time for her to push. I was sent to the back as a spy to see if they were done pushing yet, and the first time I didn't hear anything, but the second time I heard the first cries of a new little baby. I was there just when he was being born (right outside the door) just by luck. I think it was fate. I ran back to tell everyone there was a baby, but then we had to wait almost an hour for him! We were getting stressed, but it was worth it because he is precious.

Here we are waiting in the hall!

My first time holding him...

Grey and his dad

a new little family

I could not be happier for Matt and Emily. Matt said that Emily did amazing, and Grey has been given the seal of approval by his pediatrician already. While I was there yesterday I was told he already pooped on his father twice and then peed on him all during his first diaper change. He is a loud guy with a lot to say, and I can't wait to get to know him better. I know Emily and Matt will be fantastic parents. I have always known that Emily will be the best mom I know.

I am really thankful for my mom for watching Mr. Zev all day so I could go. He loved playing in her office trying to mess with the computer and crawl under the desk. He was worn out from a day of fun with his Mimi.

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