Sunday, November 4, 2012

Our week

 We had a busy week this week.  We celebrated Halloween and Ari's birthday.  The boys and I made Ari cookies, and they sang to him all day (even when he wasn't home!) Tahl has decided this week that he is too old to let me feed him his yogurt. 

He feels so proud that he can do it by himself.  Any time I try to help him he, of course, tells me to, "GO!"

At the mall this week, Zev thought it would be even more fun to hide in this box than to go and play. 

Tahl decided to try it too. 

Zev got new slippers that look like dinosaur's feet from his Mimi.  He decided today that he needed to wear his old costume from when he was one to go with them. I think it is a little small, sort of like his backward underwear. 

Tahl loved Zev's slippers and was jealous, so Mimi got him his own pair. Thanks Mimi! 

Here is the complete look. This is another one of those pictures that I am sure he will hate me for one day, but I can't stop myself from posting it. 

Here is a little video of Tahl singing "Five Little Monkeys".  He really only sings the end, "no no ah ah jumping bed."  In Tahl, "ah ah" means monkey.

Here is a little video of Zev singing "five Little Monkeys" too.  The guys were having lots of fun singing and jumping on the bed while I changed Tahl's sheets. 
 We have a busy week ahead with lots more fun. I will try to take more pictures.

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