Sunday, November 11, 2012

Park and school

This week the boys have been sick. Zev was sent home from school sick on Monday, and he stayed home with Mimi on Tuesday while Tahl went to school.

 Wednesday Zev was better, and we went to the zoo.  While we were at the zoo, I realized Tahl had a fever and had caught what Zev had.

Here is Zev playing dress up later that afternoon. 

    We stayed home Thursday, but everyone was well enough Friday for an outing to the park.  
Zev and Tahl had fun riding on the toys together. 

I told Tahl he was the pilot, and Zev was mad. So I told him that he was the navigator. I asked him where the plane was flying to, and he told me, "DISNEY WORLD!" 

 The boys are starting to have more fun together.

Zev was flying on the airplane with his friend Kaya too. 

He did a good job taking turns switching between the front and the back. 

Here is Zev at school. This is actually from last week. The caption the teachers wrote is that he saw broccoli while he was outside on his walk. 

Painting the broccoli some more...

Zev's class with his teacher Miss Gail

Zev painted an earth, and here he is cutting it out. 

I thought it was the best one on the wall when it was all done, but I am a little biased. 

Here he is making his own pumpkin patch. 

swimming at school

playing with his friend

The school has a fun wading pool with fountains while the kids are waiting for their turn to swim in the big pool with the instructor. 

Here is Zev last week in gym practicing rolling a ball. 

He is doing more work on his pumpkin patch by stamping leaves onto the pumpkins. 

Here he is this week in gym walking on his monster feet. 


playing tug with a friend

stretching the big rubber band with his feet

This was from the day they called me to come pick him up early.  It must have been a fever that came on really quickly... 

Last, here he is with his painted hand. It made a very cool turkey.

He was so proud of it. 
He is a little disappointed that we will miss the class Thanksgiving feast, but we will already be in Utah.

This weekend we made another trip to the zoo with Ari. The only part we really took pictures of was Tahl and this monkey statue.  He was loving it.  

getting ready for a kiss

more hugs

letting the monkey kiss him on the forehead

We had to force him to leave the statue to see the animals. 

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