Monday, November 12, 2012

19 months!

 Tahl is 19 months old today.  To celebrate, I took him to the doctor to get four shots. I did let him play a little first.

He wanted to play blocks.  He told me, "build tower."

Tahl is speaking in two to four word phrases all day long.  At the doctor today, I told him, "Let's go home to eat lunch." He looked at me, and he said, "I peanut butter jelly."  Just when I was so impressed that he was giving me his lunch order, he then cried about how he needed it immediately for the next ten minutes.  Apparently being able to talk does not make you understand that there is no refrigerator in the car. 

The pediatrician was really impressed with T, and she said he was already meeting all the two year old milestones. He was 32.5 inches tall and 27 pounds. 

He has been super grumpy for the last week between his fever and the new teeth he is getting. I am hoping his flu and MMR shots don't bother him too much, so he can feel better. 

Tahl took a long nap, and then we went to pick up Zev. When we came home to play Zev was turning Tahl on the sit and spin. 

Tahl decided to play dress up. He put this outfit together himself. 

Zev insisted I take a picture of him sitting in this drawer. 

Tahl changed from viking fireman to cowboy fireman. 

Tahl is so smart and funny. He loves, loves, loves to dance. His favorite thing to say right now is "COME ON. COME ON," while he pulls you where ever he wants you to go. He is a complete parrot and copies any word he thinks sounds fun. He can count to three, and he loves to name animals. Right now his favorite animal is still a monkey, especially baboons.  Tahl is so sweet, and he loves babies and animals.  Last week at the park, he followed a man he did not know for 100 feet yelling, "Pet dog! Me! Pet dog!"The man did finally turn around and let this sweet boy pet his dog.  If he hadn't, I think Tahl would have followed him all the way home.
Even Zev loves "Tahli Ball-e" as he always calls him. We can't believe he is getting so big!

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