Friday, August 14, 2009

Rachel's Wedding

I have been asked by several people to see the pictures of Rachel's wedding. I was so busy, I didn't take any even though we brought our big nice camera. It is too big to fit in the baby bag though, so that might have been a bad one to bring. Oh well. I got these pictures that were taken by a friend of Rachel's off of facebook. When there is an actual link to the photos taken by the real photographer - I will put that on here, but for now these will do!

table with the programs when you walked in

temple and all from a distance

ice sculpture in the cocktail hour with sushi

table setting

menus (designed by Tova)

first dance


cake (which I never got to eat... so sad)

Rachel and some of her friends

Notice I have no pictures of Ari, Zev, or me. Hopefully the photographers got some good ones because we didn't! As you can see, it was a gorgeous wedding. The Lunds really outdid themselves, and we had the most amazing time. It was the most fun I have ever had at a wedding.

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