Monday, December 28, 2009


Zev had a great first Christmas. He got lots of gifts like a swing, books, clothes, and a hat from Pops and Gram. Then he went to Lisa's and there he got a new outfit with a dog to match from Lisa and the Aces, an outfit, toy, and video from Grandma and Grandpa, and a fun soccer ball from Keaton. He loves the soccer ball and gets so excited when he sees it, but then he gets so angry that he can't get it in his mouth. He LOVES all his new presents!

About to open gifts

Looking at a new book with mom

Wearing his new hat

This is his Christmas breakfast all over his face because he thought it would be fun to blow raspberries in the spoon (and it was...)

I need more pictures of our Christmas day, but here is one of Stacy (Gram). Then there is one of Lisa and I. We ate a big breakfast that was delicious, opened presents, and played games all day. Ari was awesome at the Wii, beat the pants of Grandpa and Mike with my dad as his partner at 42, and then kind of lost his winning streak playing Nerts...

Zev just being cute..

I am sad that Christmas is over, and I am back home cleaning the house. Zev got a bad cough and cold, so this week we are hoping to get over that and get him back to sleeping more regularly than he does when he is out of town.

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