Monday, December 7, 2009


Zev had to get up this morning early at 5 to be able to eat before the big surgery. He got back in bed while I showered, but he did not go back to sleep until the car ride to the surgery center.

Here he is getting weighed before his big surgery.

Zev and mom

Then it was time to put on his gown. He didn't really mind it, though it was so big I could have slipped him through the next hole...

Showing how big it is...

So, they took him from us, and I made it without crying, though I did cry at check in oddly enough. Zev liked the nurse, and off he went. About an hour later, the doctor came and told us that Zev did well. The surgery was successful. I thought I would be getting my baby any moment. After waiting about five minutes, I went and asked the nurse, and she said it would be 15 more minutes. I waited again, then finally after 15 minutes, they said he was having a hard time waking up, but I could go back. This is what we saw.

He was sleeping like an angel. He had a little IV in his ankle and a little blood pressure cuff on his big toe. He did finally wake up and nurse a little, and we were happy to see his pretty eyes. He was his usual happy self. Not so much smiling, as seeming a little out of it, but happy. After another half hour or so, we were cleared to take him home. So, now he is in his room napping, while I post his pictures up.

We are so thankful everything went smoothly, and he couldn't have done any better. He can't take a bath for two days, which is sad for him, but basically there is very little we have to do. We are really thankful also that Zev has so many people who love him. His Buby and Buster (Ari's parents) came in town for the surgery, and my mom and Jay came also. Thanks to everyone who checked on him this morning or in the past week. I will keep you updated on his progress! Hopefully he will get to feeling better really soon because in six days he will be at the happiest place on earth!

Last, just for fun, night before last, Buby brushed Zev's hair into a mowhawk after his bath, and it was still that way when he woke up! Here are a few pictures:

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