Monday, June 14, 2010


This weekend we went to Chicago. I have only terrible iphone pictures, but I might get some better ones later in the week. If I do, I'll post those too. Here is a picture of the city.

We stayed in a hotel down the street from Oren's apartment. It was really nice and very close to downtown. We had a good time at Oren's graduation (though Zev had to go play outside instead of staying in)...

Here is a picture of Noah playing with Zev. I am really terrible about the pictures, but the cousins had so much fun together. Noah asked me if he could keep Zev, and both of his cousins were so much fun with him.

Here are a few at Millenium Park. They had a children's event going on, and we got to play there on Sunday morning.

Here are Zev and Jaren at lunch. It is very hard to get a two year old and a one year old to both look at you. These are the best I could do...

Yesterday we got to the airport at 2:00 for a 4:10 flight. It did not take off until 7:40. We did get Zev to take a nap and eat dinner, but we also found a little "mini" Chicago Children's Museum. Zev crawled around and played in the fake plane, shipping boxes, and here below we weighed him as our luggage!

We had so much fun on our trip, and we loved visiting with the family. We can't wait for the next trip to Chicago in September for Oren and Lindsay's wedding!

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