Monday, June 28, 2010


We just got back from Tyler, so I have some pictures of Mr. Zev playing by himself and with our family. Madison is becoming quite the photographer, and she took most of these. Of course, this is how she works it to not be in any of the pictures, but she and Zev did have lots of fun together, unless he drools on her.

Here he is, mighty proud of himself...

Zev was playing with the dogs all weekend. He loves them, and they really inspired him to try to bug Gizzmo a lot more.

Zev and mama snuggling

Zev and Grams

Zev and grandpa

Here is Zev mad at Uncle Scott...

Zev and Colton playing

Zev, Colton, and Jake playing with Pop's iPad...

Zev and Li Li

Zev and Jake playing in the church

It took Zev a little while to warm up, but he really liked playing with his family. He is really into guys right now, so he was really favoring Grandpa, Uncle Scott, Colton, and especially Uncle Jake. He wants to climb all over the guys and the dogs, so he could not have had a better time. He got to swim and play. He also loved crawling all around new places exploring. His ability to communicate (between words and signs) is really taking off. This morning, he crawled over the the gate the dogs were behind. When he got there, he turned to me and signed dogs, and then he signed please. We let them out, and he was so excited!

I'll try to update more frequently...

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