Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving, Part 2

Here are Noah and Jaren before they went off to ski school. Noah really liked it, and Jaren fell asleep after the morning session and never made it back outside for the afternoon.

Here is Zev playing in his pajamas...

...with his goofy cousin Noah.

The three big kids in the tub.

Jaren is telling Zev something important.

Here is Zev getting ready to go tubing. He is looking super cute.

Zev loves his cousins.

The bigger kids getting ready.

Out in the snow

We tried to get them all looking, but that was impossible.

Zev is too busy with the snow to look at how cute baby Ava is.

He did enjoy going on the sled with dad.

Me and Ava

Rachel, Tova, and Jaren

Karen and Jaren inside warming up. Jaren did not really like tubing, so she only went once.

Jaren, Zev, Noah, and baby Ava on the couch. Still working on Zev smiling and sitting still for pictures.

Buster and Jaren

Last, my favorite new picture of Zev. I took this with Ari's iphone while we were pulling Zev in the tube. I will try to post a video of it when I get a chance!

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