Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Baby Lund!

We went to the doctor yesterday for my big sonogram appointment. We are happy to announce that Zev will be having a baby BROTHER in April. He is a perfectly healthy little guy, and I think that he looks just like his big brother in his sonogram.

Here is Zev's sonogram from 19 weeks:

Here is the new little guy's sonogram from 19 weeks:

I think they have the same profile, and this baby is going to be just as precious as Zev. Ari thinks all sonograms look the same, but oh well.

We are almost halfway to baby number two!


  1. I just LOLd at the "Hi mom and dad" caption on it. Too funny.

    Just scheduled ours for the 16th. We'll know what kind of "cousin" Zev gets!

    Have you got another boy's name picked out? I feel like you decided pretty early with Zev...

  2. Congratulations! So excited for baby number 2!