Thursday, July 7, 2011


We spent our Fourth of July weekend in Tyler visiting my family. Zev had tons of fun, and Tahl had a hard few days. So much so, I was convinced he had an ear infection and took him to the doctor, but they said it was just a cold. He seems to be cheering up now that we are home. I didn't get a lot of pictures between playing with Zev and making Tahl happy, but here are a few...

When Tahl is happy now, he has the most amazing smile. I am still trying to capture it. I swear he does it a lot, but I have horrible timing. He also gets distracted by the camera ALREADY. He's a quick one. This is him talking though.

Here is Zev swimming with Pops. He didn't love these arm floats.

He liked the tube more.

We tried to get him to swim to people, but no such luck. He does believe he is "jumping in" when he sort of falls off the edge from a sitting position though.

Here are GG and Grandpa watching Zev swim!

Zev also had lots of fun with toys like always.

I will try to get more pictures this week!

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