Thursday, July 7, 2011

Camp Simchah!

Zev just finished his first session of Camp Simchah for the summer. He will take the next three weeks off to spend more time at home with me and Tahl, and then he will go back again for three weeks. He is loving it! They swim everyday. He also goes to nature class, music class, and discovery class along with his regular time playing inside and outside. They also do a flag raising with songs every morning and Shabbat on Friday mornings.

I have no idea who this man is! It appears to be someone's birthday in Zev's class.

Petting a goat

Riding a horse! Though he doesn't seem too excited, he seems to like it much more than some of the other kids in his class.

This is the only picture I've found of him in the pool so far.

The pictures are a little better during the regular year, but I think they are too busy having fun!

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