Sunday, February 12, 2012

Random phone dump

This week Zev actually took a nap. Here is he is. He fell asleep on top of his stool.

He was not happy when he woke up. I'm sure he had a major back ache.

He put his hat on like this, and he told me he was a pirate because he only had one eye. Then he asked me to take his picture.
He is still very in to pretending. He's a baby, a fireman, a bear, a fireman bear, a froggie, a baby froggie, and on, and on...

Here is Tahl at the mall playground. He loves it there on the cushioned ground to crawl and play.

Zev and I at the mall.

Tahl was playing with another little girl, but he kept grabbing the poor girl's toys right out of her hands. I guess that is all he knows at this house.

Here is Mr. Tahl with a berry face.


Here is Zev trying to drink and lick out the last of his frozen yogurt. He was quite the mess.

Last, here is a picture of Tahl playing construction worker.

He and Zev were taking turns.
Taking turns is blog worthy in itself. Hopefully I will do better about taking more pictures this week!

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