Thursday, February 23, 2012

A mean mug, a band, and some golf...

Zev has been making a new picture face that looks like this:

or this:
He seems mad, but he believes himself to be smiling...

We have been seeing more of cousin Kade lately. Here he is playing "band" with Zev and Tahl.

Zev and Kade are getting better about taking turns. They were sharing this guitar really well, and they even let Tahl take a turn or two.

We also went to the park this week with Mimi, Papa, and Kade. Here is Kade playing golf. He is really great.

Here is what Zev believes is golf.

Papa tried to teach him some. This is after they practiced. I think he still needs more practice.

The boys had lots of fun digging in the dirt and even kicked a soccer ball once or twice. We are just about to go get on an airplane to go visit some of Zev's other cousin in San Francisco. He is so excited to go on the plane. Hopefully we will get lots of pictures.

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