Tuesday, February 28, 2012


While we were in San Francisco on this trip we went to Napa for a day. Karen and Gregg were amazing to watch Zev, Tahl, and Ava for us. They were even brave and took all three shoe shopping. Ari and I went with Rachel, Zach, and Oren, and we had so much fun. Oren planned a fantastic day with great wineries and delicious food.

Here we are at the first place. We brought them breakfast tacos because we were early, so they were extra generous with the wine and gave Oren a free bottle. I think it was my favorite wine.

The second winery wasn't quite as good, but the view was amazing.

We ate a picnic there, and the weather was amazing.

Here's the view without me in it.

This was the third place.

We got to go out and look at where they grow the grapes.

Right after the guy giving the tour told us about how these trees were a hundred years old, some woman started pulling on it...

This was the fourth place. It was also gorgeous. The drive up the mountain was amazing too.

We got to go in the caves and see the wine being made.

Ari and I stayed in Napa for the night in a really great hotel. We got lots of sleep and went to an awesome market. It was a successful trip had by all. Rachel has more pictures of the cousins playing together, so I will put those up when I get them.

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