Monday, April 23, 2012

A few pictures from my phone...

We have had a fun week around here.  I need to get the camera out this week for more shots of these guys.  Here are a few from my cell phone.

Tahl makes BIG messes these days.  He thinks it is fun to pull every book off  of the shelf.  He does also like to clean up though.  He will help Zev put away legos, and Zev often tricks him when he wants something he has by having him put it in a bucket.   Zev has actually been a little nicer to Tahl lately, but he is still tricky.  

 Last week we went to the Indoor Safari Park with friends.   Tahl loves to touch other babies.  We are working on him being gentle.

Here are the boys sitting on a bench with their friends. 

After a birthday party this weekend, Zev had the party favors in the back with him.  I didn't realize that he had stamp pad!  Yikes.

The boys got their picture made on Saturday.  I am so excited to see how they turned out. I think they started out doing well and smiling, but by the end poor Tahl did not want his picture made any more... In my defense, when I started to go over to take a picture of Tahl and my mom he was smiling, but then Zev pulled out the snacks from our bag and didn't give him any.  He was just hungry...

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