Friday, April 13, 2012

Birthday Paparazzi!

I took birthday paparazzi pictures of Mr. Tahli B. for his big first birthday!

Here he is waking up.

He's a tired guy...

He decided to rest some more in bed with his dad.

He had some matzah for breakfast.

After his nap we went to the mall for the Chic-fil-a story time. They give the kids a free snack while they sing songs and listen to a story. Tahl really enjoyed his fruit bowl.

Something in it might have been sour though...

Then the guys played on the mall playground. Zev was a little on the crazy side, but Tahl was loving it.

Here he is busy rowing his boat.

He was climbing on the slide and making friends.

Then we came home to play and eat lunch.

Mimi and Kade came over to give presents to Tahl. Tahl LOVES his Mimi.

He liked his present from Kade and the one he opened from Emily.

Emily also sent a present for Zev for his birthday. I decided not to make him wait. He was so excited.

He loves his new car carrier.

After Mimi and Kade left, we went on a walk. Zev wore these goggles on and off all day.

Apparently celebrating Tahl's big tired really tired out Mr. Z.

We came back home to eat the cookies that Zev and I baked for Tahl as a present. I told Zev he had to kiss Tahl for a cookie. These guys were so lucky they got to eat dessert first.

Tahl LOVED his cookies. He cried after he finished the first one, so to Ari's dismay, I gave him TWO. You only turn one once after all.

He did follow these cookies up with his favorite dinner of quesadillas and beans.

Tahl was so covered with chocolate, we decided to go for a birthday bath.
I'm sure they will kill me later for this one, but I had to share the cuteness.

It was a green birthday bubble bath!

This is what Tahl would look like with straight hair. I prefer the curls.
Zev was very worried in the tub that his hair would be green from the green water. He did like the bubbles though.

Ari finally got home from work, so we opened Tahl's presents from us.

Both guys were very excited for this cutting set for our kitchen.
Tahl had a wonderful birthday. Now Zev can't wait for his birthday, but he doesn't quite believe me that mine is first. At least his party is coming up pretty soon!

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