Friday, September 11, 2009

So, I have been getting a lot of grief for not posting this week, and for the last post being a picture of diapers instead of Zev. I have missed some good moments this week such as Zev snotting on me, and his new blanket snuggle buddy. We have been working on naps a lot this week, thus there have been less fun pictures! We were supposed to go to the zoo for the first time today, and I was going to bring the camera for some good pictures, but alas, it was canceled by the rain. I therefore have to tide you over, a picture of Zev when we went on a walk.

Now, turn up the volume for this one. Yes, there is not picture as it was too dark in the room, but the sound was too cute not to post!

I promise to try to take more pictures this week, and maybe I'll show off some of those diapers on Zev!

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