Thursday, September 17, 2009

Zev loves Michael Jackson

Yesterday while walking through the mall my mom saw this shirt, and she decided that for my sake Zev had to have it. So, here it is, Zev's first Michael Jackson t-shirt! He is going to wear it today while we watch yesterday's Oprah about Michael. I remember that interview she is showing vividly because I had this tiny TV that plugged in to the wall and could be moved. I plugged it in and put it under my sheets. Then I watched the interview while I was supposed to be asleep. I have loved Michael Jackson for years, and now it is time to pass that love on to Zev!


  1. Don't pass tooooo much love. You already have him involved in one cult and that is quite enough!

  2. Happy four months of life, PYT. I need to see him again soon. I love his faces.

  3. Al -

    We should get together soon. Zev would love to see you!