Sunday, September 6, 2009

We are officially going to be full time trying cloth diapers.
We had our first poopy one and made it through. Hopefully we can stick it out because it could save us quite a lot of money... (and be good for the environment to boot). We are buying a bunch of Bumgenius 3.0. We did a three week trial and that one was the best we found because it didn't leak, and more importantly will grow with him until he is potty trained rather than having to buy lots of different sizes. Here is a picture.

At least for now he is going to sleep in a disposable. We can see more about that later. I am slightly nervous about all the extra laundry, but also excited about all my extra fun accessories like the cute wet dry bags I ordered. Zev will have a cute little bubble bottom in lots of fun colors! Pictures of Zev wearing them will follow when we get them all in.

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