Monday, November 30, 2009

Rachel sent me her thanksgiving pictures, so I have added a few more of our pictures from Park City. Below, on the snow, is flan, which we tried fried. It was good. We also had fried ho hos, fried cheese, homemade potato chips and onion rings, and of course the turkey.

Here is a picture of all the guys (minus Zev) before they got to frying! Then they are putting in the turkey.

Here are some pictures of Zev wearing his turkey bib from Grandma Mimi. He is outside watching the frying...

It started getting cold, so here are some pictures of the boys bundled up.

Jaren and Buby...

Here is Jaren eating a giant marshmallow. She held onto this for an hour or so.

We made the place cards for the table on Thanksgiving while the cooking was going on.

Here is an example of a finished product.

Uncle Brad and Zev

Before we got to town, Noah built a snow man with his Buster. This is what was still there when we got to town.

Noah and Jaren are playing outside. It is crazy weather that there is snow, but you can play outside in shorts!

Noah was teasing Zev for having to sit in this borrowed pink high chair... He didn't really mind so much.

That is a lot of pictures, but we had a great time, and I wanted to show what we were up to! We are looking forward to seeing the whole family again in February when we all go to the Dominican Republic.

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