Tuesday, January 19, 2010

8 Months photos...

Official 8 months picture:

Zev is getting so much hair! It is definitely curly if not brushed down. It also just goes crazy from all the winter hats he wears when he is out and about as evidenced below:

Now here he is all brushed again, and he is of course eating his 8 month sign. I think the signs may not work out anymore...

After that delicious sign, Zev took a bath and had some dinner made by dad (with mom as assistant.) He has been eating homemade food, but it has a little stronger flavor than what he was used to in the jar. After his first bite, he will make funny faces, but he always opens up for more. He is not so sure about broccoli/carrot, but he really likes the pumpkin pie spiced sweet potatoes, and he LOVES avocado/pear.

Zev has a big month coming up with lots of play dates, a trip to the Dominican Republic for some quality time with the Lunds,etc., and a baby shower to throw. We are thinking he might also start to crawl this month as he is getting closer. I am going to be tutoring Wednesday mornings and teaching Saturday school, so this month will bring Zev a little more time with Mimi and Dad. We will keep you posted.

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