Monday, January 11, 2010


I have gotten a little behind on the blogging. Zev has been a little sickly and not as much fun to take pictures of. The first week of the new year, we mostly stayed home so Zev could rest and feel better. During that week, my mom, Ari, and I painted one of Zev's walls blue. We are finally going to get the nursery finished. We are waiting on some decals that will finish that wall. I also finally hung up the pretty blanket that Zev's Buby make for him. I will put up a picture when the decals finally get here.

Last week, we were really busy. Last week we went to Wiggles class, had two play dates, and went shopping with two different friends. Zev also went out to lunch with Mimi. He got a new pair of shoes to help keep his socks on, and spent some fun time with Dad this weekend.

Here is a fun video of Zev jumping. I think I might need to set it taller soon. As you can see, he likes to play with the toys now too, and he enjoys making noise even though he will flinch at the noise he is making... It is pretty cute. He is a world champion spitter and is turning the light switch on and off. He isn't crawling yet, but he rolls pretty well. He is starting to get upset when I leave the room, so we may be in for some separation anxiety soon, but nothing we can't handle.

The next video is short, but funny (at least to me). Sometimes Zev gets a little out of it. Below is me trying to get his attention. I wanted to show off his new outfit from Mimi and his new shoes, but he was just not noticing me...

I will try to get more up here in the rest of the month so I get less complaints!

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