Thursday, January 21, 2010


Zev has had a cold for about a month now on and off. He seems to feel fine most days, but every once and a while there is a grumpy day. He has gotten a really bad cough in the past few days, and it sounds a little bit like a there is a rattle in his chest. He went to the doctor yesterday, and they said he was not that bad off. They did send us home with a nebulizer though for Zev to breathe in some medicine a few times a day for the next two days or so. He seems to feel better already. He cried like crazy when we used it at the doctor's office, but today he was fine. Here is a picture of him using it (ignore the person in pajamas behind him):

He was licking at it, blowing raspberries, and still trying to eat toys through it... Hopefully it will go just as well for us later when daddy isn't here to entertain him though it.

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