Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

Here we have a fun little example of five minutes in the life of Zev.

I decided to get Zev dressed for a little 4th of July picture time. He was so excited to see the camera.

Then he asked if he could have the camera, but I said no.

He kept asking please (rubbing your hand on your chest), but I said that it was mine...

He did not agree. He also did not want to wear this outfit anymore.

He is mad!

One or two minutes later, he has moved on...

Just in time for me to snap this cute one before I put the camera away. We are really big on "out of sight, out of mind"...

Sorry for the delay on the posts, but we just aren't too exciting lately. Zev is getting a haircut tomorrow, so that will definitely be newsworthy.

We are also thinking of trying out fireworks tonight depending on the weather. We will see...

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