Sunday, August 8, 2010

our activites

I haven't blogged in a little while since we got back in town, but we have been up to a lot! We have done a bunch of play dates with friends. We have been out to eat a few times with friends and MiMi. Zev has also been getting up to a lot of (fun) trouble lately!

Here he is playing with some baking soda that he found where we keep the trash. It was a MESS.

We go on a bike ride every day. We have to go VERY early before it reaches the Texas highs of 105... We are usually home before 8:30. Please ignore the pajamas...

We have been doing lots more art. Zev still doesn't understand not coloring everywhere. If he colors in his high chair, this really helps keep our house cleaner.

I think the bath crayons and finger paint don't really help my "we only color on paper rule," but oh well. Zev has lots of fun in the tub! This video is short so you can't see all of Zev's business, but trust me the mess was HUGE. It is nice and washable though. Zev and I have been talking about colors a lot, so this is a good activity for us.

Zev also discovered this week that he could open the container of the dog's treats. I think on Thursday he feed him four or five before I noticed and had to take away the container.

A few days we have had fun playing at the water table, swimming in the pool, and then playing in the side yard. Zev has been crawling up the little slide and then coming back down on his bottom, head first, etc. He can climb up the big slide on his own also. I don't have any videos because I was trying to be right there for safety. Then yesterday when Ari was home, I though I could video while he waited at the bottom of the little slide, then Zev fell over the side of the whole thing! We were not expecting it, and Zev definitely was not. Needless to say, he was not happy, but he is fine now. I think Ari was more upset than he was.

I will try to get more pictures of Zev's fun activities this week!

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