Tuesday, August 31, 2010

a little update

We haven't been up to much lately, besides just our day to day fun activities. I don't have a ton of pictures, but I have a few fun ones here.

Here is Zev playing in my closet! He still likes to sit in his jumper that is in pieces on the floor. He was stuck here because of his leg, but he was too busy dancing to notice.

Zev has been dancing all the time, if he hears even a little music or just chains in the wind, he starts to dance. He has also been really into wearing his baseball cap all of a sudden. This is Zev sitting in the back seat this morning on the way to a play date. He was looking too cute in his sideways cap for me not to try to snap a quick picture.

He wears it on walks too...

This weekend we are heading to Chicago for Uncle Oren and Aunt Lindsay's wedding! We are so excited to see everyone. All of the family including all of Zev's cousins and great grandparents on Ari's side will be there in one place. We will also finally get to meet baby Ava. I know Zev is going to love it. I will try to get a bunch of pictures.

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